Robert Downey Jr. On Late Nights With The Kids

Captain America: Civil War star Robert Downey Jr. covers the latest issue of GQ and opens up about family life with wife Susan and their son Exton, 4, and daughter Avri, 18 months.

On the last time he failed at something: “Last week, Exton refused to go to sleep. I told Susan, “I got this.” We were both up until 3:09 A.M. But as far as straight-up failure, I don’t want to talk about failure. I want to talk about moments of humility. Like when you feel suddenly sick and embarrassed but then you have to continue on to the next moment immediately in full view of others. Because it’s not failure if you just recognize, I fell short, and that’s okay.”

On when he feels he looked his best: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. When I watch that movie, I say, “You were beautiful. And now…you just need to accept the fact that you’re going to age as gracefully as possible.” I think it was also just because me and the missus were in lockstep. No kids. Not married yet. We saw nothing but each other. And we had a project. And it’s [director] Shane Black. Who, you know, it’s hard not to adore. And 35 days of night shooting. I mean, we were giddy. But I think there was something about sleeping till two o’clock in the afternoon every day, where it reminded me of when we were all beautiful young club kids. It was also very good lighting.”

On how many pets they have: “Eight—if you don’t count fish. Two cats, two goats, four alpacas.”

On who’s his best friend: “My missus. She has to be. There’s no shaking me now. Very, very loyal human being.”

On if he does therapy: “There’s two kinds of therapy. Crisis therapy and maintenance therapy. There’s two kinds of relationships. Relationships that begin—and maintain—couples therapy and relationships that have nothing to do with that and end in couples therapy. It’s like housekeeping. You know what I mean? And it’s so much better to have housekeeping come in, just changing the sheets a couple times a week. Not when Ron Wood has just trashed it. So I think half the job is communicating to the point where what you’re really doing is team-building and conflict resolution and all that stuff. And then there’s times where, like, maybe we’ll have an appointment, Susan says, “I’m fine. You need to talk to them about this, that, and this.” I’ll be like, “Okay, yeah, that’s good, too.” ”

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