Scott Baio & Family: All Smiles With Donald Trump

Scott Baio

It’s Happy Days for Scott Baio, wife Renee Baio and their 9-year-old daughter Bailey.

The Charles in Charge alum, 56, and his family-of-three were all smiles with the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Scott has publicly supported Trump over the past year.

“Bailey turned 9 last week,” Renee exclusively opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop. “She has been on this journey with us for well over a year. She knows what it means to be an American, respecting our U.S. flag and the rights of others wanting to come here for the American dream.”

What did Bailey say when Trump won the election?

“America won, our kids won, and God won,” the 9-year-old proclaimed.

Also in her own words, Bailey shared her thoughts on American immigration policy.

“Please come here. Do it without breaking the rules or law,” Bailey said. “Please be fair to others studying and learning to become an American. And then, ask Mr. President if they could stay, work and live here.”

Although young, it sounds like Bailey is quite the political buff.

“Bailey knows about our Constitution, hard work, loves anyone in a uniform, and thanks them for their service,” Renee shared. “She knows that people work hard and are taxed too much. Bailey wants people to love each other and give to those that truly need help.”

Not to mention, she’s been joining her famous father on the golf course.

“Bailey is on the US Kids Golf League,” Renee gushed. “She can drive a ball 165 yards. Scott is smitten that she has golf fever like him. I’m a golf widow … Scott golfs 6 days a week.”

After Trump’s win, Scott went live on his Facebook page with a message to fans.

“Wow, what a night,” said the Happy Days star.

Scott went on to say he couldn’t watch the Election Day coverage because his “nerves were frazzled.” As it turns out, he promoted Trump over the past year for the sake of his daughter. “I wanted her to grow up in a country that was free and safe,” he said.

He added: “I want to thank the American people that voted from Mr. Trump… This election is important to me because my child is becoming aware of the world.”

Continue watching Scott’s Facebook message here.

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