Kevin Federline: “They’re Getting So Big”

Father-of-six Kevin Federline posted a photo of his “squad” via Instagram Monday.

“2017 squad!!! They’re getting so big… Grandma took this pic at Jordan’s first bball game Saturday. @crownv_16 #thefedz,” the former backup dancer, 38, captioned the image of his kids: Kori, 14, Kaleb, 12, Preston, 11, Jayden, 10, Jordan, 5, and Peyton, 2.

K-Fed welcomed his first two children with ex-fiancée, actress Shar Jackson. Preston and Jayden are Federline’s sons with ex-wife, pop superstar Britney Spears. And he shares Jordan and Peyton with wife Victoria.

Federline recently dished on divorcing Spears just three years after their 2014 nuptials.

“Obviously, things didn’t work out the way that they were supposed to,” he recently told VLAD TV. “But everything’s OK, you know, like, life happens.”

As it turns out, being Mr. Britney Spears was “overwhelming.”

“That was a whole different lifestyle than I ever imagined,” he recalled. “I mean, just getting around from place to place and having 20 people follow you all day long — your whole life kind of being told through somebody else’s eyes. Everybody wants to put their own spin on it. We like, were caught right in the midst of that whole thing. It was so crazy. I look back at it and it’s like, at times it was so overwhelming.”

And there was that dark period when Spears lost custody of their sons in 2008.

“All I was trying to do was get 50/50 custody. You know, events that unfolded over time, if you want to Google them and go back and look at them, then you’ll see why it turned out the way that it did,” he said. “But now, none of that matters. Everything is cool. Both of us have moved on, our kids are doing great.”

At the time, it was reported that Federline received $20,000 per month in child support, which he confirmed, but said it’s “definitely not anything to brag about.”

“It’s not something that I asked for either,” Federline shared. “It’s all about the kids. That’s what it’s for…They’re supposed to be able to live a life that they’re accustomed to. If the shoe was on the other foot, I’d be in those shoes. Smiling and being full-willing.”

2017 squad!!! They’re getting so big… Grandma took this pic at Jordan’s first bball game Saturday. @crownv_16 #thefedz

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