Natalie Portman Speaks At Women’s March

Expectant mama Natalie Portman took the stage at the Women’s March in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (January 21).

Donning a maternity T-shirt that read, “We Should All Be Feminists,” the Academy Award-winning actress, 35, gave a moving speech thanking Donald Trump “from the bottom of both hearts beating inside my miraculous female body” for starting “the revolution.”

As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Portman wowed the crowd with the following speech.

“We need to take inspiration from nature, and remember that we hold the mystery of life, and the seed of every possibility within our bodies. We need to demand freedom from fear over our bodies and control over our own bodies.”

“In order to effectively do so, we must seek leadership positions, and support other women who do the same. Until we make it normal to have at least half, if not more, of our leaders be female, we will be serving, and with our taxes financing, a government that believes it’s within their domain to make decisions for our future.”

“Thank you all for being here, and for showing our power to the world, and thank you to the wonderful men, who show us that women also have many champions and compadres. Now, from the bottom of both hearts beating inside my miraculous female body, I want to thank our new president. You just started the revolution,” Portman concluded her speech.

Joined by Scandal actress Kerry Washington, the celebrity moms marched for equality the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“#NataliePortman So inspiring. #WomensMarch #WomensMarchLA,” Washington Instagrammed the selfie.

#NataliePortman So inspiring. #WomensMarch #WomensMarchLA

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