Paulina Rubio: “Everything About Motherhood Is Surprising”

Latin pop star Paulina Rubio covers the latest issue of Nexos and opens up about family life with sons Nicolás, 6, and Eros, 10 months.

On motherhood: “I always wanted to have babies, but I wanted to have them when I wanted to. All of my friends were quick to have babies, my mother was a very young mom. I wanted to develop myself more. I was able to choose when I wanted to have them, and I’m very happy. Everything about motherhood is surprising. The love you feel for them from the very first moment. It’s very dramatic and the same time it brings you so much joy. I didn’t want any help with the babies for the first six months and it’s exhausting. I’m a very controlling person and I know that’s not ideal. I’m working on it. But no one was going to take care of my babies but me.”

On enjoying life with her boys: “I was born in Mexico City, and maybe because I was born in one of the world’s biggest cities, nature, the ocean, anything outdoors is what relaxes me most. I’ve got my bike and my skates, and now that I have the babies, I’m more active than ever. I’m really a hands-on mom.”

On how motherhood changed her: “It was the best thing for me. I had felt like a narcissist. Me, me, me all day long. And then you have a baby, and everything’s about him, thank God. For me it was like giving my mind a vacation. I started [my career] very, very, very young.”

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