Molly Sims’ Breastfeeding Selfie

Proud nursing mama Molly Sims posted a breastfeeding selfie via Instagram.

“Breastfeeding=judgement free sone! My breastfeeding must haves today on blog! {link in bio},” the model-actress, 43, captioned the image feeding 6-week-old son Grey.

The mom-of-three writes about her breastfeeding experiences and journey toward a lactation specialist.

“I’ll be honest–I’ve never been good at breastfeeding. I just naturally don’t produce that much milk,” she writes on her blog. “Before I had Brooks, I was dead set on nursing. No questions asked. No matter what.”

She adds: “But, then he was born with…A TOOTH! We didn’t even realize at first. When I was nursing at the hospital, I was in such pain. Breastfeeding does hurt…but this was a different type of discomfort. I ended up finding a tooth a few days later. Since I was in such pain, the milk wasn’t coming in. But, I still wanted to nurse. I was stressed and I was frustrated.”

The Las Vegas alum and her movie producer husband Scott Stuber, 48, welcomed their third child on Jan. 10, she announced via social media.

They are also parents to son Brooks, 4, and daughter Scarlett, 22 months.

Continue reading Molly’s breastfeeding must-haves on her blog

BREASTFEEDING=JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE! ? My breastfeeding MUST HAVES today on blog! {link in bio}

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