Sienna Miller Is Co-Parenting With Her “Best Friend”

Actress Sienna Miller covers the April issue of Harper’s Bazzar and opens up about co-parenting her 4-year-old daughter Marlowe in peace with ex-fiancé Tom Sturridge.

On co-parenting in peace: “We still love each other. I think in a break-up somebody has to be a little bit cruel in order for it to be traditional, but it’s not been acrimonious in a way where you would choose to not be around that person. We don’t live together, as has been reported recently, but we do half the time. Everybody will stay over or we’ll all go on holiday and that’s because we genuinely want to be around each other. It’s great for our daughter that she has two parents who love each other and are friends. He’s definitely my best friend in the entire world.”

On life in New York City vs. London: “I just like the idea that you come to New York and you do something. I just felt like it was so easy and all my friends are there [in London], and we’d probably drink too much wine and go to the country for the weekend. It was all gorgeous and great, but I’m really trying to kick myself up the ass in some way, and New York is very good at doing that.”

On dating Jude Law: “I was a fashionable girlfriend before I was an actor. And then, I think, without enough sense of self to really hold onto whoever I might actually be, I just sort of drifted. I was a 23-year-old, and was rebellious. I’m inherently a little bit rebellious. I wasn’t just going to hide away, so I fought back, and that perpetuated it. It was a vicious cycle and it started to feed itself.”

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