Charlize Theron Has “An Incredible Village”

During a Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron opened up about family life with son Jackson, 5, and 1-year-old daughter August.

“My kids are for more glitter,” The Fate of the Furious actress, 41, said of their messy household. “There is way too much of it in the house. I don’t buy it, but it’s on those costume dresses. A lot of times I’m walking through my house thinking I’m going senile, because I have a little OCD thing. I’m like, ‘Where is this glitter coming from?’ And It’s those princess dresses.”

As it turns out, motherhood has helped her gain perspective.

“I’ve gotten a little bit better,” Charlize continued. “My kids definitely help me be less anxious about a lot of that stuff. There are certain rooms that I let go and I’ve given up on, [but] they’re allowed everywhere! Really, I am very lucky to live in our house, and they are just very nice to have me there.”

And she gave a shout-out to her kids watching backstage.

“You guys are very good, and I appreciate it,” said the proud mama.

While she’s a single mom, the actress has “an incredible village” of people who help her raise “these two beautiful kids.”

“In the mornings I have them alone and they kind of work against each other sometimes,” she shared. “It’s like one decides to freak out and then both decide to freak out. I don’t know why they’d do that. You’d think they’d stand there and be considerate and go, ‘That one’s freaking out right now; I’m not going to freak out. I’m going to be nice. I’m just going to chill out and have my mom deal with that.’ But they don’t do that.”

As an only child, she “didn’t know the beauty that siblings have with each other” until she adopted August in July 2015. “It really is one of the most incredible things I’ve ever witnessed, to see how much they love each other and how much they’re excited to see each other. They’re just so in love with each other. It’s really beautiful.”

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