Kathryn Hahn & Her Premiere Pals

Bad Moms star Kathryn Hahn rocked the red carpet with her husband, Crossing Jordan star Ethan Sandler, and their two children – son Leonard, 10, and daughter Mae, 7 – on Wednesday (April 26).

The family-of-four struck a pose at the premiere of How to Be a Latin Lover in Hollywood, Calif. 

In her upcoming comedy titled I Love Dick, Hahn plays a married woman who becomes infatuated with an artist played by Kevin Bacon.

“This show has a darker heart for sure,” Hahn, 43, told Variety of her new film. “The source material is so beautiful. It’s so bombastic, fearless and unapologetic. I was so excited to play somebody that messy and maddening and contradictory. She’s flinging herself forward into her desire. In her mind, her obsession is tied in with her art.”

I Love Dick streams May 12 on Amazon Video.

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