LeAnn Rimes Celebrates Stepmother’s Day

Singer LeAnn Rimes celebrated Stepmother’s Day with husband Eddie Cibrian and his two sons — Mason, nearly 14, and Jake, 10 — over the weekend.

“Happy Stepmamma’s Day to all my fellow SMs! I am so grateful for the LovE we share as a family. Thank you for expanding your hearts to fully embrace and LovE me. #mason and #jakey (yet to have an Instagram account. Let’s keep you innocent @eddiecibrian #family #stepmomday #stepmomsday #stepmomlove #stepsonlove #nobumalibu #somuchLovE,” the Blue hitmaker, 34, Instagrammed the image. 

She also shared the family photo via Twitter.

“Happy Stepmamma’s Day to all my fellow SMs! So blessed to have so much LovE between us all. #stepmomday #stepmomsday #stepmomlove #family,” she wrote.

The CSI: Miami actor, 43, and ex-wife, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, 44, share Mason and Jake.

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  1. FloMo

    No doubt Leann lost a lot of fans that are mothers this month. But what does she care, as long as she can stick it to her husbands ex-wife. Her on going 8 year obsession with Brandi Glanville has gone to a new level recently. Don’t be surprised if we find the worlds best, greatest, only one that matters, I live on the accolades of strangers, step mother in court soon.

  2. gwen

    She wasn’t celebrating Stepmother’s Day, she was taunting Brandi.

    Leann spent the day before Stepmother’s Day stalking Brandi’s twitter account and stalking Brandi’s boyfriend’s snapchat and IG accounts.

    At around 1 pm, Brandi tweeted that she was going to spend the day in Malibu watching the sunset.

    Sometime during the day, Brandi’s boyfriend posted photos of Brandi wearing a white shirt, short, and heels on his IG/snapchat. Notice what Leann is wearing, skimpy shorts, shirt, and boots. While Brandi’s boyfriend was in the car, he posted that they were on their way to Nobu.

    On Sunday, Brandi posted a photo, saying that she ran into her kids at Nobu on Saturday.

    Sometime during the day, Leann and Eddie showed up to Nobu with Brandi’s kids. While there, Leann posted photos of herself on Eddie’s lap in her skimpy clothes. Notice how she kept referring to the sunset in her posts? Why? As usual, Leann was copying Brandi.

    It looks like Leann and Eddie didn’t spend a lot of time inside Nobu, just enough time to rub it in Brandi’s face that she was spending Stepmother’s Day(which was Sunday, not Saturday) with her kids.

    As they were leaving, Leann had the paps to take photos of her with Brandi’s kids while Eddie lagged behind. The boys both looked miserable. Leann had to pay for the entire thing because as she was walking back to the car, she had money in her hand.

    At some point, Leann tired to hold Eddie’s hand, but you can tell that Eddie didn’t want to hold her hand because he was only allowing her to hold to 2 of his fingers.

    This wasn’t a celebration for Stepmother’s Day. It was a just another attempt to taunt Brandi.

  3. Observer

    Leann is disgusting. She KNEW where and when Brandi was going for dinner, and showed up at the same place, dressed in a skimpy outfit, with Brandi’s kids, for her much bragged-about Stepmother’s Day. Why does Eddie put up with this behavior?

  4. Natalie Woods

    They look so very happy and Leann looks fabulous and her new cd ‘Remnants’ is a big hit for her.

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