Baby Safety: Here Are 5 Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe In Your Home


It took you nine long months to deliver your baby, and she’s the most precious gift you’ve received. For new time moms, keeping your baby safe is one of your utmost priorities.

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially during the time you’ve least expected it to happen. It can also occur in the safest place you could think of – your home. However, there are many measures you could do to ensure your baby’s safety inside the house, and some of these are quite simple.

Keep Them Away From Stairs
If you’re living in a big house with stairs, one of the first things you need to purchase is a sturdy baby gate. You can buy more than one to ensure that all doors and sides of the stairs are kept closed.

Babies, especially those who are learning to crawl or walk are curious and can explore the parts of the house. They love to climb the stairs, cabinets and what have you’s. Hence, keeping all points of entry closed is important.

Avoid Crib Death
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or crib death is one of the scariest conditions when you’re a mother. This is because you don’t know what exactly causes it. However, studies have shown that some measures can be done to prevent this deadly disease.

When your baby is sleeping, make sure there are no loose beddings, pillows, and blankets inside the crib. Moreover, do not let your baby sleep facing down because this position impedes the entry of oxygen into your baby’s body. Lastly, you can purchase a baby sleep sack, which is ideal for babies because they’re tucked inside the sleep sack without the loose blanket. This will keep your baby warm in a safe manner.

Always Check Your House’s Room Temperature, Carbon Monoxide Levels And Smoke Alarms
When you have an infant, it is important to ensure the house is safe. Always check for the levels of carbon monoxide inside each room. You should have an alarm for carbon monoxide levels and smoke, in cases of fire.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless but very deadly. Without alarms, you might end up with poisoning when the carbon monoxide reaches toxic levels. Lastly, always check the room temperature. Your baby’s body is still immature and developing. Thus, their bodies can’t immediately adapt to temperature changes. A hot room may lead to dehydration while an extremely cold room may lead to hypothermia.

Never Leave Your Baby Bathing Unattended And Check For The Water’s Temperature
When you’re bathing your baby or toddler, never leave her alone in the tub even for just a minute. This may lead to drowning or falls. Moreover, when you’re bathing your infant, always check the water’s temperature. Do not put your baby in the tub without checking the water. If the water’s too hot, this may lead to scalding.

Your baby should always be safe inside the house. You can do many measures to prevent accidents and injuries, especially when you have babies or toddlers. Keeping your baby safe and away from harm should always be your top priority as a parent.

BIO: I am Stacy Belk, a.k.a founder of Momwoot.Com. I am a mother of three and would love to help other moms, especially first time moms in keeping their babies happy, healthy and safe.

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