Lesley-Ann Brandt Defends Breastfeeding Photo

Lesley-Ann Brandt

New mom Lesley-Ann Brandt shared a breastfeeding selfie via Instagram.

Shortly after posting the image feeding her newborn son Kingston, the proud nursing mama slammed some online critics.

“This is motherhood,” the Lucifer actress, 35, captioned the image breastfeeding her son.

She added: “Needing to pee so badly but you just rocked the perfect latch and Bebe is nuzzled in nicely for a good feed. Priorities people. Priorities.

#kingstonpayne #myking#normalizebreastfeeding#breastfeedwithoutfear#theseboobsareoutofcontrol.”

After receiving a series of negative online comments, the actress issued a statement.

“Apparently an innocent photo of me feeding my child has ‘offended’ some on [Facebook] and sparked a really interesting and disturbing debate. ‘It’s a private moment, she’s seeking attention, why would she post that, gross, women have been doing it for thousands of years, so what, you should cover up.’ The irony is that these some men and sadly women, are all but fine to see these b–bs in my work (Spartacus) but breastfeeding my son? How dare I!” she wrote.

She added: “What does it say about how we treat mothers and women when folks are fine for an actress to show cleavage or b–bs in a show, but heaven forbid she celebrates what is arguably one of the hardest things she’s done – nourish her child. Using my social media to positively show breast feeding is my choice and will hopefully give other mama’s out there the confidence to NOT go to a bathroom to feed their babies. AND if you have a problem with my son eating, ‘suck it.’”

The Spartacus: Blood and Sand actress and husband, Suits star Chris Payne Gilbertwelcomed their first child – full name Kingston Payne Brandt-Gilbert – last month.

“Kingston Payne Brandt-Gilbert I love you. Welcome son @chrispaynegilbert thank you for this incredible gift,” she announced at the time.

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