Kelly Clarkson: “My Handsome Little Man”

Those eyes!

Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Clarkson shared a sweet snapshot of son Remington, 17 months, via Instagram. “My handsome little man…..” the Piece by Piece hitmaker, 35, captioned the adorable image of her toddler.

She added: “I mean 30 min ago he was screaming his face off which wasn’t cute at all ….but mostly he’s awesome #RemyB.”

The proud mama recently brought her two kids — including 3-year-old daughter River Rose — along with her to the Today Show.

During a Wednesday appearance on WKTU’s Cubby & Carolina in the Morning, the American Idol alum got candid about not adding to her brood.

“Oh God, those tubes are gone!” she revealed. “That’s blasphemy. We don’t even speak of it. We’re both fixed in our own ways, yet still we’ll probably get pregnant again somehow.”

“I always feel bad because I have friends who have a hard time getting pregnant and I’m just like guys, I have the worst pregnancies ever, it can’t happen again!” she added.

The Love So Soft singer went on to dish on super-couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Clarkson is tight with the A-listers since her husband, Brandon Blackstock, is Shelton’s manager.

“Oh my god, Gwen is the nicest human ever,” Clarkson gushed. “You can meet Gwen once and you’re close to her! I’m always on text chains with Gwen and Blake and somehow it always comes down to Blake and I being competitive in some sense because we both have songs and albums coming out now.”

She added: “I was like oh how was #7 because I was #6! I’m always like get used to it, because The Voice is happening soon! Gwen always starts this sweet, and positive text and Blake and I always take it somewhere else. Him and my husband have that boy humor going on.”

But don’t expect her to have tons of celebrity pals.

“Girl, I don’t even like someone that much to not like them,” Clarkson dished. “I don’t know, I don’t surround myself with celebrities, not that they’re bad, but I live in Nashville and have normal friends. I’m not against having celebrity friends, but even the ones I have are like Blake, who doesn’t care about stuff like that. I’m so going to start fake feuds on The Voice with Adam and Blake! This is how I’m going to have longevity with my career. I feel like I can have a good hang with Adele. Other than that, it’s mostly country people. I don’t get why these diss tracks happen! I have way too much on my plate to worry about a singer or dancer being salty towards me. I don’t get it. No shade to them, whatever live your life, but I just don’t have time for that! I just want time to have a glass of wine and read a book.”

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