EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Hall “Felt Instant Love” For Baby No. 2

Kendra on Top star Jessica Hall and her husband, Kyle Carlson, welcomed their second child — son Jake — on Sept. 3.

And now, the model-actress, 34, is opening up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her birth story, how their 2-year-old daughter Sophie is adjusting to the new addition, and her mommy blog SleeplessMom.com.

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On her birth story: “Labor was definitely a lot like my first with Sophie. Jake was 17 hours, and Sophie was 23 hours… My mom was invited into the delivery room this time, and I’m so happy she was — seeing everything come full circle. I actually was bouncing on a huge ball in the delivery room to help me dilate… After pushing for so long, I asked my doctor if I had broken my face It felt so strained from pushing so hard… I did notice all his dark hair when he came out and I was thinking, ‘Well, people will now know I’m not a natural blond.’ ”

On her instant connection with her newborn: “I was nervous asking myself if I could I love my second child as much as my first, and, yes, the second I held him in my arms I felt instant love.”

On choosing his name: “We actually didn’t settle on a name until he was born. We are so happy with it and the name definitely fits him.”

On Sophie adjusting to big sisterhood: “Sophie fell in love with Jake from the moment she saw him. I feel beyond grateful for that.”

On her blog: “The inspiration for my blog came from tirelessly searching online for the answers new moms have, just to find out there is no right answer. My hope is to create a community for moms to comment and share real life stories with one another when google just isn’t cutting it.”

For more from Jessica, follow her on Instagram and at www.SleeplessMom.com

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