Benicio del Toro & Kimberly Stewart’s Giraffe Girl

Benicio del Toro's daughter Kimberly

Single mom Kimberly Stewart posted a festive photo of daughter Delilah, whom she shares with Benicio del Toro, via Instagram Friday.

Just days ahead of Halloween, the sweet 6-year-old looked gorgeous in her giraffe costume.

Last October, we spotted the granddaughter of legendary rocker Rod Stewart sitting amid a pile of pumpkins.

In August, Stewart shared birthday greetings for her only child.

The socialite, 38, and Academy Award-winning actor, 50, welcomed their daughter on Aug. 21, 2011.

Earlier this month, Benicio del Toro traveled to Puerto Rico after the Hurricane Maria hit his home country.

“I came to visit my dad and my family,” the Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor told USA Today. “I haven’t talked to my father since the Hurricane hit on the 20th (until) we touched base three days ago. I also had a chance to meet with the Governor (Gov. Ricardo Rosselló) to talk about a project of the first lady (Beatriz Isabel Rosselló), Look it up.” (The First Lady’s initiative is a fundraising effort involving private enterprise and individuals to help Puerto Rican victims of hurricanes Irma and Maria.)

The Wolfman star went on to talk about his hometown pride.

“San Juan is my home town. I grew up here,” he shared. “I love the people. I love the food. I live in California, … and like many people who live in mainland United States, we come back home, but there’s a difference.”

He added: “If you’re a Puerto Rican who lives in Florida, you can vote for the president of the United States. If you live in Puerto Rico, you are an American citizen, but you’re not allowed to vote for a president. You’re not allowed to vote for a representative in Congress, … and that has to change.”

Watch for Benicio del Toro to light up the big screen in three upcoming films: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Avengers: Infinity War and Soldado.



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  1. Pictures of celebrity children should be owned by and only released by the celebrity parent. That is not Kimberly Stewart. It’s a Kimberly refused to let Benicio’s father see Delilah on Father’s Day. By the grace of God, he appears to have made it through Hurricane Maria. Imagine if things had been different.

  2. KIMBERLY STEWART IS NOT A CELEBRITY. She has no job, and has nothing to promote. Celebrity Baby Scoop why are you allowing this? If Benicio was the one releasing these pictures this would be totally cool but he’s not. I doubt he even supports these pictures being released even though Kimberly tries to make it appear so by adding quotes from Benicio about Puerto Rico that he gave weeks ago and plugging his upcoming movies.

  3. Hollywood is letting the world know that from now on there’s going to be ZERO tolerance for exploitation in the entertainment industry, as far as they are concerned. So, I don’t really know where Kimberly is thinks she’s going with this pi*mping business. How many years has it been now, and is she better off now than she was in 2010?

  4. Is anyone shocked that a two week old Thanksgiving Day family photo was submitted to Benicio’s official fan site Benicio Source on the same day as the Star Wars premiere? Notice how Benicio is showing the Stewarts just how much respect he has for them by not even taking off his hat and coat during dinner. I’m sure he knew this picture would be made public at some point.

  5. Eyes Wide Open, the photo is completely staged. Benicio is sitting in Delilah’s seat in front of a fresh plate they laid out for him. Nothing is touched and the fork, knife and spoon clean. My guess is that the person he arrived with snapped the photo and they were probably there to pick of Delilah. Or he had to be there to be allowed to take her to the Star Wars premiere. We’ve seen this too many times and they always fail miserably at their game.

    And why is Rod there wihtout his spouse and kids? They obviously thought the DailyMail would print it as a story, so somebody had to be there to attract them as Benicio PR Team obviously weren’t going to submit the photo.

    It’s beyond pathetic now.

      • And notice how how nobody made a big deal (or published) out of Delilah being at the Star Wars premiere when that is among the only few times she should be seen in the public sphere. How do they justify all the “papped” photos of her now when the media isn’t picking it up out in the open?

    • And Sean was obviously sitting on the same side as Delilah and Kimberly before squeezing himself in between his parents for the op. All for it to look like BDT, KS and Delilah are one big happy family – when they should be explaining the vacant and plate-less space right next to Benicio. Pathetic!!!

  6. And how desperate are Kimberly and Alana to want that photo published, when as you mentioned, Benicio is wearing a hat and jacket indoors for a dinner? What happened to culture and etiquette? And optics!

    It makes them all look dumb.

  7. He was there for Delilah clearly, but he has been extremely accomodating of these Stewarts. Inviting him to dinner was the least they could do. Raising a child with someone you’re not in a relationship with can be hard but it seems like by not being more assertive when it comes to matters involving Delilah that Benicio has just made things even more awkward. He should have never let his daughter be taken out of the country without him on Father’s Day. That’s like custody agreement 101. And all these years of paparazzi pictures defintely should never have happened. Benicio is so private that I didn’t even know he had a niece until she appeared with Delilah at the Last Jedi premiere.

    • And nephew! We didn’t see him, but Benicio mentions him in one of the clips on YouTube. And these are grown kids. Teens! It just makes all of them look, I repeat, dumb! Benicio has been able to keep this from the public all these years and and must have also shielded them from the press. And from the looks of how Delilah and the niece were interacting, you can tell they spend time together- All this just goes to prove that every single photo we have seen of Delilah in the press has been for pure profit and publicity. Shame on all of them.

  8. Did you see how nice Delilah’s hair looked on the red carpet? She was definitely dressed and groomed by someone on her father’s side of the family beforehand… Yeah, it’s interesting how that Thanksgiving picture seemed to be the cast of Stewarts and Hamiltons featuring Rod Stewart, Benicio Del Toro and his love child Delilah.

  9. No honey, no one is talking about Benicio because of the negativity he has generated due to the behavior of the Stewart family along with his own. He should have gotten the message after his Oscar snub in 2016. The true fans were always there to guide him.

    From Twitter
    No one has been talking about him because so much happened in The Last Jedi but Benicio del Toro owned every scene he was in and was the definition of an actor making the absolute most of the screen time they’re given

  10. Yes!


    Although she’ll probably have the picture removed now, if you scroll down Kimberly’s IG there’s a photo of Lupita Nyong’o with a caption reading something like Brad and Angelina should adopt her. Mark you, Lupita has millions of followers, is on the cover of Vogue this month, is in the Star Wars movie and the upcoming Black Panther, yet Robin Baum still sanctioned Benicio appearing on the Stewarts & Hamiltons social media, with that photo there, when he should be on the likes of Lupita’s and Boyega’s.

    How tone deaf is his PR Team? And I’m not even bothering with talking about how racist that photo is and what it says about Kimberly for posting it. And also what it say about Benicio by default, or at least his mangement.

    Kimberly sat there thinking, “This is it. I’m finally going to get attention!” When you are pissing off the very people who hold the key to giving your baby daddy attention. Lupita is not a bigger actor but at this moment she’s a bigger star tan Benicio Del Toro

    • I don’t look at Kimberly’s Instagram account, but yo that sounds racist as f*ck. Kimberly Stewart is trash. The world knows it. Celeb Baby Scoop, why are you doing business with this trash racist person?

      • At least Robin was not dumb enough to have Benicio plug Kimwhore and Hot Legs during his Last Jedi promo this time around. What a boneheaded move that was last time…. And it looks as if the media have long forgotten about the totally disgusting comments that Robin forced Benicio to make about Amber Heard. The media seem to be giving him an absolute pass on this and aren’t confronting him about it like John Oliver courageously did with Dustin Hoffman about all those allegations. Robin and Benicio are very very lucky.

        Benicio’s niece seems like a very mature and well adjusted young woman. She acted more graceful and composed on the red carpet than Kimbowhore ever would have. She understood her place and she stayed quietly in it. I hope she has a prominent role in Delilah’s life. Especially since her mom is racist as f*ck.

  11. Exactly! It was curiosity that made me go through the photos to see what else they’d posted after I saw the Thanksgiving op.

    Benicio is a good actor, that’s why they gave him a pass. They seem to have done the same thing with Johnny Depp. But neither of them should be pushing their luck.

    I thought the same thing about his niece. And again, her presence tells you that Benicio has seperated his family from Kimberly’s because she could just as easily have been with them at Disney the time they staged that mess or out with Laura Bickford the times we’ve seen her. If I were the Stewart family I would seize posting anything more on Benicio henceforth. The scenario is so ratchet. Baby daddy coming around to see his love child now and then. But never any photos with them and the rest of the Del Toros.

    And thanks Free Delilah for alerting us to the photo so we could call them out.

  12. She’s back in Daily Mail today. Thanksgiving must have been the last time Benicio paid her any attention because she appears to be trying to send Benicio a reminder that she has his daughter “Delilah Genoveva Del Toro” as Free Delilah pointed out right before Valentine’s Day. It’s 2018 and this bimbo is still trolling through Whole Foods with Delilah. She’s reinvented herself as Benicio’s “former flame” instead of his brief fling. She still can’t get it through her thick head that Daily Mail wants nothing to do with her, even with the 3 (so far) planted comments by DM staff and their obvious manipulation of the ratings. What an idiot.

    • Soldado is coming out later this year, so she has to get in there. But Whole Foods again? Her lack of imagination is the reason why she has no career. And in 2018. Jeez.

    • If your interpretation is true, then how sad has this become. You’re right. On top of using Delilah’s middle name that Benicio gave her after his mother, she’s also emphasizing how she’s loved being a doting mom and how she’s put her partying days behind her. Although she failed to mention that she has spent Delilah’s entire life selling her to the paparazzi and putting her safety at risk. Was this really written for Benicio’s sake? Does she honestly think she still has a chance at a relationship with him or that he even reads this garbage in Daily Mail? It’s truly pathetic and a very sad situation for Delilah to be thrust in the middle of.

      • This is exactly what it’s about. This is her Valentine’s Day card to Benicio. Her “lookalike” daughter? She wishes. Translation: She desperately wants Benicio to love her as much as he loves Delilah.

          • Please. Her family are probably the ones encouraging this. Remember, her mother was also dumped by no less than 2 celebrity men. Alana is probably counseling Kimberly to do whatever it takes to get Benicio’s attention. Sorry Kimbo. Trust is the most important part of any romantic relationship. You sorely failed that test when you tricked Benicio into fatherhood.

          • They’re all in on it, especially Alana Stewart! Remember she had Kimberly staged a set of photos a few years ago for this same event.

          • I think I do remember that Sarah. They took Delilah out to some posh restaurant for a Valentine’s Day photo op for Daily Mail if I remember correctly.

          • Fire Robin Baum, yes and it was all about trying to connect with Benicio through Deliah and show him what he was missing out on. And according to Free Delilah, Alana tweeted out the Thanksgiving op first. So You know exactly where she stands in all o this.

            How many years though? It’s tragic.

  13. HAHAHA! The produce aisle at Whole Foods was Kim Stewart’s pretend NYFW runway. She wants Benicio to see what a great mom she is and how she’s changed. She wants Benicio to see her face in Delilah’s. She wants a relationship with him. She almost 40 and desperate. Bish you shouldn’t have taken Delilah to London on Father’s Day. Now you will never be his girlfriend.

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