Emily Maynard Johnson Expresses her Joy of Being a Mother of Four

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

Emily Maynard Johnson is learning what it takes to be a mother of four. The Bachelorette alum, recently welcomed a fourth child, a boy, named Gatlin Avery. Now, leaving the house is a major undertaking.

Maynard Johnson, 31, shared an Instagram post proclaiming ‘first outing as a mom of four’. The caption reads, “My very first outing as a mother of four.” The photo captions her and all her four kids. Besides Gatlin, the other three include her two sons, Gibson Kyle (14 months) and Jennings Tyler (2 years), and her first-born daughter Ricki (12 years). “If you need me ever again, I’ll be at home forever,” joked Emily.

Maynard Johnson’s husband, Tyler Johnson has been very supportive of her, and he is equally excited about their new son. According to Maynard Johnson, it was very difficult to come up with the name for their newborn son. When making the announcement on social media, she captioned on Instagram saying, “…If anyone has any good boy names send them my way. We need help.”

When speaking to PEOPLE in April 2017, Emily confessed that she wanted to have additional kids after Gibson was born. “I have three kids now and I feel like once you get past two and you keep adding, it’s just like ‘Whatever’. You could have 18 kids and it really doesn’t make that big of a difference. Your stroller gets bigger, but that’s it.”

Well done to Team Maynard Johnson!

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