AJ Buckley’s Twins Gender Reveal

AJ Buckley
Photo Credit: People Magazine

As SEAL Team star AJ Buckley undoubtedly knows, some missions are more important than others. For quite some time, Buckley and his wife, Abigail “Abby” Ochse, have been on a mission to expand their family. Buckley and his wife are parents to 3 ½-year-old daughter Willow Phoenix.

The couple has been trying to have another child for more than a year. So eager were they to grow the family that they considered in-vitro fertilization.It, therefore, came as a fabulous surprise when Ochse discovered that she had finally conceived naturally and that no special procedures would be necessary. The news of the pregnancy was not the only surprise announcement. Buckley and his wife were told that they were going to be having twins.

In an Instagram post, the delighted couple decided to have a little fun with the news and chose to reveal the gender of their upcoming twins at an event that had a group of family and friends on hand.

This was done via the unwrapping of two big baskets that represented each of the soon-to-be-Buckleys. Inside each of the nicely-wrapped basket were colored balloons that would allow the guests to instantly guess the sex of that baby. Daughter Willow was enlisted to help open the first one– which proved to be filled with blue balloons. Either the excitement of being around so many people or the thought of having a new baby brother proved too much for Willow, who burst into tears.

Buckley’s Baby Gender Reveal Mission had to go on without any further help from Willow. Buckley opened the second basket, which also revealed blue balloons. Twin boys!

For the happy couple and their many friends, family, and admirers, the arrival of twin boys has proven to be well worth the wait.

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