Tori Spelling Believes Birth of Son Beau Helped Her Marriage

Tori Spelling & Family
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Tori Spelling‘s marriage to Dean McDermott has withstood typical marriage woes far better than most Hollywood unions, but it has been without its struggles. This is the reason why Spelling, daughter of famed TV producer Aaron Spelling, is thankful for baby number 5, who the couple regards as a testament to the renewal of their married life.

Spelling had previously chronicled her husband’s infidelity for two whole seasons of True Tori back in 2014. Prior to this, the couple and their kids had been living extremely public lives because of the reality TV show, and this was taking a toll on the marriage. Soon afterward, the couple decided to pull back from the show, a decision that Spelling explained to Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford in November 2014. In the interview, Spelling said that sharing her soul and demons with strangers came with positive and negative reactions.

“It’s just not a good space for me,” she concluded.

The time off proved to be beneficial since it allowed McDermott to make amends and for the couple to repair their marriage. Two years later, McDermott, host of Chopped Canada got down on one knee and the couple reaffirmed their relationship. Their 9-month old son Beau is the result of this renewed commitment, the youngest of five.

According to Spelling, Beau is “the pillar of the rebirth” of her marriage, saying that he is the first child they are raising in a communicative way. After working through turbulent times in the marriage, Spelling and McDermott realized how important it is to work on the relationship. For Spelling, it meant finding her voice in the relationship and learning how to talk about her feelings. Having Beau has also given the couple a chance to try new parenting tactics, such as sleep training Beau, who has sleep regression.

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