Mark Zuckerberg’s Paternity Leave – Aloha!

Mark Zuckerberg enjoys his paternity leave in Hawaii with family

Mark Zuckerberg's Paternity Leave
Photo Credit: Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg announced earlier this month that he would be taking a month-long paternity leave to spend time with his newborn daughter, August, that was born this past August. Mark took a month off initially when his daughter August was born. The Facebook CEO is a campaigner for parental leave in the workplace.

At Facebook, the company offers four months off for both maternity and paternity leave. He had written on Facebook about the hot topic in the workplace and said: “Studies show that when working parents take time to be with their newborns, it’s good for the entire family. And I’m pretty sure the office will still be standing when I get back.”

Where Do Billionaires Go on Paternity Leave?

So when you are the CEO of Facebook where do you spend your month-long paternity leave? Hawaii naturally. He and wife Pricilla, 32, were seen out and about in the town of Kapaa on Kauai on Thursday. They stopped by Bubba’s Burgers for a casual lunch.

Mark was spotted in major Dad role standing outside the burger spot holding his oldest daughters Max, 2, training potty and sippy cup. Walking by, the billionaire looked like just your average guy wearing black shorts, a t-shirt, Adidas shower shoes and showing support for his Bay area basketball team a Golden State Warrior hat. His wife Priscilla was also casual wearing her hair back and a denim shirt. Post lunch he was spotted grabbing Hawaiian ice with a friend.

Zuckerberg and his wife own a sugar plantation that they purchased in 2014 for 100 million dollars. Mark and his wife dropped an ongoing litigation in the beginning of the year. The couple was seeking to buy out Native Hawaiians who owned small pieces of the grounds on their estate.

In a statement that was released on behalf of Mark and his wife they apologized and pledged to the local community they were ending the proceedings “to find a better path forward.” The statement went on to say: “Upon reflection, I regret that I did not take the time to fully understand the quiet title process and its history before we moved ahead. Now that I understand the issues better, it’s clear we made a mistake.”

The parcels that were in question belonged to Native Hawaiian families. During the mid-19th century, the land was awarded to these families when private property was recognized. Many of the people that owned these pieces of the property passed away without having wills. Ownership since has been split among hundreds of descendants, many who are unaware of their stake.

Even though the issue hasn’t been resolved it doesn’t seem to be putting a rift in the social network CEO’s paternity leave.

ALOHA Zuckerbergs!

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