Natasha Leggero on Staying Sober During Pregnancy

Natasha Leggero on Staying Sober
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The Another Period star Natasha Leggero rarely holds anything back from the topic of conversation and the political climate that we are in is no different so it was of little shock that she would combine her pregnancy and the current political atmosphere as a way for new material.

The comedian 43, who is pregnant with her first baby joked on the ins and outs of pregnancy. From the usual complaints to weight gain and not feeling herself when asked about any cravings she might be having the actress answered with, “Yeah, I’ve had really bad cravings for drugs. This is not a good time to be sober.”

She feels with all of the variability the world is facing along with the catastrophic disasters happening more frequently it is difficult not to be able to disconnect for a moment with a substance of choice. She joked that if she would cave into the craving maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing for her child “Maybe the kid would have a few glitches. But the bar has been set so low, the kid could still grow up to be president.”

On Tour – Natasha Leggero on Staying Sober

Leggero is married to comedian Moshe Kasher, 38, the couple married in October 2015. Leggero and Kasner met when they were both on a comedic tour together. Shortly after they married they went on tour together again which they named it the “Honeymoon Tour.” At the time Natasha joked onstage about the day when she would be pregnant “You have to stop drinking in public.”

Before his wife became pregnant Moshe, [joking], looked at a pregnancy as a favorable time for fresh material if the well ever dried up. Leggero assured her fans by quickly responding “I’m not having it for material. That’s probably true, but who can deny that pregnancy is unavoidably funny?”

With all joking aside what we hope to see is this comedic couple back on the road with their baby for the “Baby Tour.”

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