The Dark Side of Surrogacy in Hollywood

Hollywood surrogates

Modern science can be life changing especially when it comes to surrogacy. For a woman who yearns for a child but is unable to carry one herself, she is now able to follow through with her dream of still having a biological child of her own. For a same sex male couple the desire to start a family is now possible. Families are more often turning to this increasingly rising alternative than say adoption nowadays.

Why the Trend in Surrogates?

We can thank Hollywood and other public figures for normalizing this path to conceiving. For instance take Kim Kardashian, 37 who has taken us on her ride of fertility issues she has faced and two high-risk pregnancies in front of the camera. After being strongly advised to not carry any more children her self. So she and husband Kanye West, 40, went the surrogacy route.


Surrogate in Hollywood

With any scientific breakthrough comes a negative turn and this twist is what society refers to as ‘Social Surrogacy’ which entails perfectly healthy women consciously making the decision to pay another woman to carry out a pregnancy. Especially when your source of income is based on what you look like and the importance of being in tip-top shape is essential to your career.

More and more women are starting families older in life and are focusing on their careers, establishing themselves first in the workforce before turning the focus on kids. But, what we are seeing as an alarming trend is high profile woman, celebrity A-listers, models using a surrogate so they don’t have to step out of the limelight for a year and risk the harsh reality of becoming a thing of the past.

Dr. Vicken Sahakian a Los Angeles based fertility doctor has helped open our eyes on this controversial topic even admitting not only are celebrities choosing surrogacy to conserve their figures some have gone as far as faking their own pregnancy. That’s right! Sticking the ‘old pillow’ under the shirt trick.

The doctor said in an interview “We are talking about well-known women. It would be taboo for them to admit they used a social surrogate. I have had a couple of patients who pretended they were pregnant, yes."

So how far is too far? Next time you see that favorite celebrity pictured just after giving birth looking better than ever remember it’s all smoke and mirrors.


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  1. well some used surrogates for legit reasons like problems in previous pregnancies or health problems making a pregnancy ill advised. some women also naturally snap back quickly and when an actress has filming to do a month after her baby is born she’s got to loose a majority of her pregnancy weight quickly to fit into the costuming which obviously nursing the baby helps for instance the last of filming the movie Gringo took place in April/May of 2017 shortly after Amanda Seyfried gave birth to her daughter March 21st then of course in September she went to Europe to Film Mamma Mia Two Here We Go Again

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