Two Princes on Radio 4’s Today

Prince Charles and Prince Harry enjoy some father/son bonding on air

The world’s fascination with the Royals looks like it’s not losing any momentum so it came to no surprise that listeners from all over tuned in Wednesday morning when Prince Harry, 33, was guest editing BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Today.

The newly engaged Prince sure didn’t miss a beat, tackling important world topics interviewing his father Prince Charles, 69, that seemed more of an organic conversation between a father and son while shedding some light on a dear relationship the two share.

It was a quick four-minute chat between the Prince of Wales and his son, Harry thanking his “pa” as he referred to him and thanked him for allowing him to interview him. With little time to waste the two started chatting about the planet and the next in line for the throne joked that people might be finally waking up to his “dotty” opinions about the environment.

Charles gave praise to his youngest son for listening to him about climate change and with deep affection called Harry his ‘darling boy’ when Harry divulged to his listeners that his father ‘picks his brains now more than ever.’

Harry went on to ask if he had to pick one issue to focus on which one would it be and Charles replied “The issue really which has to go on being focused on, big time I think is this one around the whole issue of climate change. Which is now, whether we like it or not, is the biggest threat multiplier we face because what is happening now is what I was dreading.”

Harry went on to ask if his father is hopeful for the future of the world that his brother, himself and his grandchildren are to inherit his father replied: “Well my dear boy if I must say so, the fact you’re saying this, gives me enormous optimism.”

Prince Charles interview wasn’t the only broadcast during the show, Harry’s interview with former U.S. President Barack Obama played live on the air. It was the first interview for Obama since leaving the White House and he used the platform to encourage world leaders to use social media in a suitable manner. He forewarned it can give a false impression of complex issues that the public will have a hard time interpreting.

Prince Harry didn’t get out there without being in the hot seat himself, the attention was directed to him at the end of the show when presenter Sarah Montague asked how Christmas Day with his fiancée went he replied “The family loved having her there. Christmas was fantastic.”

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