Caterina Scorsone Teaches Us a Lesson on Love

Photo Credit: Instagram

Caterina Scorsone, 36, is teaching us a lesson and it’s not a medical one like we have grown accustomed to. The Grey’s Anatomy actress is teaching it on the subject of love and it’s through her sweet, yummy baby girl Paloma.

The mama posted a picture of her 13 months old daughter over Christmas and captioned the picture, “He sent a tiny baby to teach us how to love. Wishing you all Christmas miracles and holiday hugs.”

Paloma, whom mom’s nickname for her daughter is Pippa is all smiles. Scorsone likes to show her off from time to time and we don’t blame her.

Back in June Caterina showed off Pippa’s hard work during a session of tummy time, writing, “Hard work paying off #sunshine #proudmama #superbaby.”

The Canadian bred actress also went to social media showing support for the kids clothing brand tea_collection, applauding the brand of using ‘outside of the box’ thinking when selecting their models.

Caterina praised them by saying, “So proud of @tea_collection for showcasing the beauty of diversity and difference in the company’s back to school 2017 catalogue. Keep up the great work. #trailblazers #morealikethandifferent #changingthefaceofbeauty.”

Caterina Scorsone also counts her blessings when it comes to her work environment and being a mom with a new baby. In an interview, she praises her boss Shonda Rhimes, “This is the amazing thing about Shondaland. I have a little one in the trailer with me every day, so I can feed her every couple of hours. I go back to the trailer, and she’s there.”

One thing we know is certain, Paloma sure is a natural in front of the camera just like her mama. In a post back in August, Caterina shares a picture of ‘Pippa’ showing us a mesmerizing gaze that you can’t help but get lost in.

She captioned the photo with a few words of wisdom we should all follow in life, “Beauty. Love. Peace. Contentment. Acceptance. Belonging. Freedom. Adventure. Blessings beyond my wildest dreams.”


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