Has Kylie Jenner already Had Her Baby?

Boundaries and Kylie Jenner, 20, are not two things you would think of putting in the same sentence. The usually open book cosmetic mogul has chronicled her life in front of the public since childhood. So when the once welcoming Jenner closed her fans off to her private life you have to wonder what is really going on?

She has yet to confirm she is pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott’s, 25, child. Older sister Khloe, 33, finally fessed up to her pregnancy rumors confirming that she is in fact pregnant. So naturally Kylie’s fans assumed she would be the next to make a baby announcement but all they have gotten from Jenner is radio silence.

Just Conspiracy Theories or Did Kylie Have a Baby?

She was absent from the 25 Days of Kardashian Christmas that mirrored an Advent calendar, featuring mostly the women of the family and the children. As each day was posted to social media Kylie still remained missing driving her fans into all kinds of conspiracy theories.

On the 24th day of the calendar a picture was posted of all the sister’s minus Kylie lined up in a row with ‘momangerKris and grandmother MJ with the kids. The photo drew a lot of speculation because some of the ladies are smiling at something off to the side that wasn’t captured in the photo.

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Fans went to social media coming up with the theory they were smiling at youngest sister Kylie and her newborn baby and were certain that was going to be day 25’s picture. Come Christmas Day, much to everyone’s disappointment her fans were WRONG, unleashing a frenzy of comments on all of the family’s social media outlets.

One fan tweeted, “Kylie Jenner has not posted on social media in quite a while….you think she actually was pregnant and gave birth already????", while another fan was going to get to work and try to solve the mystery, “today’s work consists of matching up potential Kylie Jenner pregnancy pictures with a timeline of her Instagram and friends to find out if she’s pregnant and/or if she gave birth already."

Whatever secret Jenner is keeping from everyone she’s got our attention. The once open reality star has suddenly turned shy and is playing coy with us, almost like she’s ‘dangling a carrot’ in front of us. So what is it Kylie, did you have the baby?

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