The Unusual Reason behind Royal Baby Number Three

Princess Charlotte
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The world is patiently awaiting Royal baby number three due this spring. While we sit back and wait, curiosity swirls on why the Royal Couple decided to have a third child and we may know the answer.

William, 35, and Kate, 35, have undergone a lot of changes recently since the two announced the baby news. William quit his job as an air ambulance pilot and the family has decided to make the move to London full time so they can better focus on their royal duties. This is the next natural progression for the couple as there will be more expected from the pair since the palace confirmed Prince Phillip, 96, is now officially retired. So why a third?

Was it practicality that Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to go for a Royal baby number three?

Could it be that Kate was hoping to mirror her sibling dynamic she is accustomed to? Growing up with her sister Pippa and brother James, Kate had not one but two siblings to rely on.

William could also have been the one to encourage Kate to have another baby. We know the bond William and Harry share, the two are best of friends but William is also very aware of the pressure his children are going to be under as they grow older. The possibility that he wanted to ensure his children have more sibling support could be the deciding factor to go for Royal baby number three.

William had said in an interview about the intense bond he has with his brother, “We are uniquely bonded because of what we’ve been through."

Or is it for a practical reason, which sounds more of the likely reason. You see, in the 70’s and 80’s, there was an abundance of key family members to share the royal duties. As the Queen’s children started marrying and having their own children it added to the lineup.

Charles siblings are playing less and less of a role which means it leaves the responsibilities up to just six players, the Queen, Charles, Camilla Parker-Bowles, William, Kate, and Harry. William is next in line to the throne after his father and after himself will be his son, George. The “weight of the kingdom" weighs heavily on William and his children who will be fulfilling royal duties full time when grown up.

So the more siblings Kate and William give George and Charlotte, the number of key royal players will go up to share the responsibilities when they are of age. William’s children will also have the bonus added support that he maybe wanted when growing up.

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