Haylie Duff Pregnant with Second Child

Haylie Duff pregnant with second child
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Congrats are in order for Haylie Duff, 32, and fiancé Matt Rosenberg, they are going for round two! The singer/actress announced the news on her social media with a little help from her 2 ½ years old daughter Ryan.

The Instagram post shows her adorable daughter Ryan who is wearing a purple tie-dye dress pointing to her belly. Haylie announces the news by saying, “Round 2! Ryan thinks our new baby is growing in HER belly #familyof4.”

A source close to Duff says “Haylie is so excited to have another baby and for Ryan to be a big sister!”

Haylie Duff Pregnant and Juggling Many Plates

The multi-talented sister to Hillary Duff already has a lot on her plate. She has a cooking blog The Real Girls Kitchen that highlights yummy healthy foods that are kid-friendly, always an extra bonus for mother’s looking to make the whole family happy. Not to mention the kid’s clothing line Little Moon Society, being a mother to Ryan and let’s not forget she acts and sings on occasion. Whew, we’re tired!

With anyone that has several pots stirring at once comes challenges and Haylie is no exception, she has admitted that raising Ryan hasn’t been easy, “For me, the biggest challenge has been the pressure to ‘do it right’. There isn’t a clear-cut way to be a parent. We all make mistakes. Sometimes it all comes crashing down but there is such beauty in the chaos.”

Don’t confuse the beautiful struggles that come with motherhood for trading it in for her pre-mom life. The food blogger wouldn’t trade it in for the world. In an interview she was asked if she missed the life she led before becoming a mom and she replied, “I think that’s probably the biggest surprise is I feel such fulfillment with my family and with my child, I don’t miss that ‘old life’ stuff.”

Haylie and Matt have been together for five years and got engaged on April Fools Day 2012. The pair pushed back their wedding when Haylie found out she was pregnant with Ryan, looks like they’re going to have to push it back one more time!

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