Superhero Chris Hemsworth Escapes Hollywood

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Gives us a Glimpse of Their Adventures with their Twin Boys Down Under

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky
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Chris Hemsworth, 34, and Elsa Pataky, 41, made the executive decision in 2014 to leave the Hollywood scene for the sake of their 3-years old twin boys Sasha and Tristan and their daughter India, 5. The family of five relocated to Hemsworth’s home country of Australia.

The decision to make the move was an easy one for the couple, Elsa had said of the deciding factor, ‘We couldn’t take it anymore. In LA, my kids had a camera in front of them all the time and it made my daughter India become very scared of photos. She didn’t want pictures taken and didn’t want to be in photos.’

The Spanish beauty posted a picture on her social media of her boys. And it looks like the down under is agreeing with the two. Sasha and Tristan are walking side-by-side holding hands walking barefoot down a road surrounded by lush greenery. Pataky captioned the sweet moment, ‘Full of adventures!! #brothers #twins.’

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Full of adventures!!/ llenos de aventuras. #brothers #twins #siemprejuntos

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And full of adventure is right! In a video that both Chris and Elsa posted on social media, you see one of the boys scaling up the refrigerator to reach the cabinet above. Looks like he found the hiding place for the candy. She joked by saying, ‘I guess we have to change the place where we were hiding the lollies! #tarzan.’

Chris posted the same video on his Instagram and it seems like the father is impressed with his sons climbing skills, ‘My son found out where the chocolate is kept. Must find a new hiding place. He’s 3. #tarzanrules.’

In a post from November, Chris Hemsworth is dressed in his full Thor suit and one of his boys is wearing a superhero cape as well. The actor captioned the pic, ‘The passing of the torch.’

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He is worthy!! Es digno! 💪 #thor

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Having a superhero as a Dad may seem like a lot of pressure to live up to but these boys seem to have it under control.


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