Poppy Brent-Berkus Runs the Show

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s Little One Poppy Knows What she Wants

Poppy Brent-Berkus
Photo Credit Instagram

Poppy Brent-Berkus may only be 2-years old but this tiny tot knows what she likes and this confident little girl isn’t afraid to tell you.

Berkus tells she is the “strongest person" in him and husband Jeremiah’s home and even though Poppy is just a toddler “She carries herself like a 5-year-old."

And Poppy has no problem giving her opinion to her Dad’s “She tells us she doesn’t like our clothes. She tells us she doesn’t like our hair." Berkus said.

And the daughter of two renowned interior designers it isn’t shocking that Poppy inherited the creative gene. But, when it comes to personal taste Nate and Jeremiah don’t exactly agree with Poppy’s favorite color of choice.

Pink is Poppy’s favorite color and Berkus expresses his strong disdain for the color. “Right now if it’s Pink or plastic she’s really on board. So it’s our worst nightmare actually."

Brent explains, “We never brought pink into her life initially because we don’t gravitate towards pink and now we can’t get away from it. And Jeremiah chalks it up to, “She’s a girlie-girl for sure."

And, from a recent Instagram post on Nate’s account, it’s looking like Poppy may want a pink car for her 16th birthday someday. The little cutie is wearing a ballerina-inspired dress with what else, a pink tulle skirt while cruising in her pink car.

Nate captioned the photo, “Poppy is already looking to get behind the wheel of her first car. Any suggestions on how Jeremiah and I can freeze time?"

The two haven’t been getting much sleep lately and it isn’t because of their busy work schedules. The Married to Design co-stars transitioned Poppy to a big girl bed and it’s left the pair a nervous wreck. The fathers can’t help but check the baby monitor throughout the night just to make sure Poppy is still in her bed. Berkus says, “So far, so good."

The design duo got engaged in 2013 after dating for 9 months. Nate, 46, and Jeremiah, 33, tied the knot in 2014 at iconic the New York City Library. The two welcomed their daughter in 2015 via surrogate.

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