Jason Biggs’ Son Lazlo is Full of Laughs

Watch as Eugene Levy Stirs Jason Biggs’ Son, Lazlo, into his first LOL

Jason Biggs‘ son of 3 months, Lazlo, had his first laugh at the expense of his grandfather. Lazlo got a visit from his grandfather Eugene Levy, 71, well, not exactly his biological grandfather but he did play Jason’s dad onscreen. So he’s deserving of the title.

Biggs, 39, may not be such a funny guy after all. The Orange is the New Black actor posted a video on his social media of his American Pie dad making his son Lazlo laugh for the first time. Jason captioned the post, “Laz’s first LOL. I couldn’t make him laugh, so I had to bring in the big guns.

Levy has a way with babies, Lazlo couldn’t stop giggling and the little guy’s mom actress Jenny Mollen, 38, couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Mollen was holding Lazlo while Eugene made funny faces at the 3-month old. You can hear the New York Times best-selling author in the background saying, “Are you kidding?”

Jenny posted a photo on her Instagram account of the comedic actor holding Lazlo while her husband is giving the couple’s oldest son Sid a lift while the 3-year old is eating an apple.

Mollen captioned the photo with a reference to the memorable scene in the 1999 American Pie movie that we could never forget, “Jason’s father stopped by to meet the baby. The apple is purely coincidental.”

Jenny with her quick, witty sense of humor often over shares more than the average person would ever have the guts to. The author keeps her social media followers vested in the daily doses of the Mollen-Bigg household.

Recently, the notorious, wickedly dry-humored mother of two posted a picture of she and baby Lazlo flying solo together.  They were making light of her 3-month old in just a diaper, “When the passenger next to you has too many drink coupons and ends up naked in your lap.”

With a circle of comedic talent surrounding Lazlo Biggs, he is destined to laugh through life….

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