Tia Mowry Dishes on Pregnancy the Second Time Around

Tia Mowry is expecting a baby girl
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Tia Mowry is expecting her second child, a baby girl and she dishes how the second time around is a different experience from her first pregnancy.

For one, the actress is older but age hasn’t detoured Tia Mowry from her normal everyday routines.  Mowry explains, “This time around, I’m older, which I was a little worried about, but I have more energy. With my first pregnancy, I was kind of afraid to exercise. It was my first. This time around, I’m exercising. It just seems to be going rather well.”

And, minus morning sickness throughout her first pregnancy with her son Cree, who is now 6-years old, the actress has been able to enjoy the second time around a bit more, “I had nausea with my son throughout my whole entire pregnancy and it was terrible. This time around, I only had it in the first trimester and I didn’t think it was going to go away. When it went away, I was like ‘Hallelujah’. This is what it feels like?’”

Tia also shared her secrets on how she juggles family, career, pregnancy, and still staying sane.  Mowry relates, “I really take everything not only a day at a time but a moment at a time. I always like to be present no matter what I’m doing. I’ve learned to forgive myself because it can get a little overwhelming at times. Sometimes when you have this to-do list in front of you and you become so obsessed with checking everything off, it no longer becomes fun. We have a whole lifetime to check off those things, so forgive yourself.”

The YouTuber, 39, posted a picture on her social media from the big apple this week. Dressed in a floral Dolce and Gabbana dress, Tia showed off her blossoming belly to her followers looking fresh and it looks like she’s not taking for granted the second time around.

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