Tom Brady: Kiss and Tell

Tom Brady Flagged for Excessive Kissing?

Tom Brady Kiss Controversy
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Tom Brady, the five-time Super Bowl champion, is on his way to try to win his sixth championship this Sunday.  However, he’s going into this Super Bowl weekend with some heat that is surrounding the football star.

He raised eyebrows this week when footage from a documentary called “Tom vs. Time” was released, and the 40-year-old NFL champ is being criticized for being too affectionate with his son. With some critics calling the kiss, ‘too long.’

In the scene, Brady’s 11-year-old son Jack walks into a room where the quarterback is getting a massage. His son asks if he can check his fantasy football stats. Jack asks, “Oh hello. I was wondering if I could check my fantasy team?”

Brady replies to his son’s question with a question of his own, “What do I get?” Jack leans over and gives his father a peck on the lips. The massage therapist then interjects into the conversation and says, “You know Jack, everything comes with a cost, bud.” The Patriot star then says to his son, “That was like a peck.”

Brady’s son returns to give his father another kiss, but this time longer which provoked viewers to tweet comments like, “very disturbing” and “uncomfortably long.”

Lyss Stern, a lifestyle and parenting expert, comments on the footage from the documentary, “If you kiss your kids too much, it’s the wrong thing. If you kiss your kids too little, it’s the wrong thing. If you hug too much- people need to back off and stop parent shaming,” Stern says.

Carolyn Meyer-Wartels, a clinical social worker and parenting expert offers her professional opinion, “I don’t think affection should ever be tied with a favor. You don’t do anything with your body because someone else is insisting you do it in order for you to get what you want.” She goes on to say even if it is your mom or dad.

People were asked what their take was on the kiss Tom shared with his son Jack. One viewer thought, “Too long, like romantic wrong.” While another viewer said, “I think at a certain age it’s like OK you can kiss them on the cheek; you can giv em a hug. But not in the mouth and not for too long.”

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But one viewer thinks everyone needs to relax, “I kiss my son on his lips. I have since day one. I would have no problem with my son kissing me like that.”

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So what’s your take on it? Is Tom Brady just an overly affectionate father and viewers aren’t used to seeing this side of the quarterback? Or has he gone out of bounds?

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