Meet Minnie Theodora Osbourne

Jack Osbourne and Wife Lisa Welcome Their Third Member of Their Girl Squad

Minnie Osbourne was born to Jack and Lisa Osbourne
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Congrats are in order for Jack Osbourne, 32, and Lisa Osbourne, 30. The couple welcomed their third daughter on Saturday, February 3 named Minnie Theodora Osbourne.

The son of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne posted a picture onto his social media of his newest addition to his girl squad. Minnie was swaddled in a white-eye printed blanket with a pink turban style hat. The newborn’s stats were written beside her on a chalkboard that explained she came in weighing 7lbs at 5:57 a.m.

Minnie joins big sisters, Pearl, five, and Andy Rose, two.

The proud Papa wrote on his social media, “Hey everyone meet Minnie! She’s the newest member of my girls only squad. #girlsrule #playerscurse #happydaddy #hatchling."

Lisa posted the same picture and wrote, “The final member of my little girl squad. Everyone, meet the angelic, Miss Minnie."

The little lady’s middle name Theodora is a touching tribute to Jack and Lisa’s late son Theo. The couple’s son passed in 2013 when Lisa suffered a late-term miscarriage.

Proud Nana, Sharon Osbourne wrote a heartfelt message on the arrival of her third ‘grandangel’. “I don’t have the words to express how happy I am for Jack and Lisa to have another beautiful little girl, and they named her Minnie which is a most very favorite name, other than Nana which is what the girls call me. It’s a gift to be a Nana to 3 little angels-Pearl, Andy and Minnie."

The couple chose not to learn the gender of their third child until Lisa gave birth. The family kept the pregnancy relatively private as well, documenting very little of it on their social media platforms.

Jack joked about the last weeks of his wife’s pregnancy, he described Lisa’s behavior as “psycho nesting mode." He explained, “Lisa is currently redecorating the entire house. We’re repainting the kitchen, the cabinetry, replacing the hardware. She now hates all the rugs in our house, so we’re replacing all the rugs. It’s just like, ’Please stop."

But, surrounded by just ladies, the father knows how to handle himself. He went on to say, “If I just smile and nod, I get to go surfing."

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This is my Disney princess. 😘 #wifey

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Now that Minnie has arrived, hopefully, the Osbourne household will fall back into order. And, maybe Jack your all-girls squad will let you catch some waves!

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