Is Michael Phelps Ready for His Second Child?

Michael Phelps Talks about the Anticipated Arrival of Baby No. 2

Michael Phelps looking forward to his second baby
Photo Credit Instagram: Nicole Michele Phelps

Michael Phelps, 32, knows a thing or two about preparing for a big event. The 23-time gold medalist and his wife Nicole, 32, are awaiting the arrival of their second child, and like anything in life, the second time is not like the first.

Michael Phelps spoke about how he and his wife are ‘stoked’ to meet baby number two, “We are stoked for the second baby. Nicole and I didn’t know what to expect with No. 1, we’ve gone through it with one child and now it’s going to be the same, we really went through the process of learning how to care for a baby, so we feel a little more prepared, but also know that two is going to be very, very different.”

Phelps admitted that for the second round he is more present, “It’s been a good, enjoyable one with me being here for this pregnancy. Last time I was gone to get ready for the Olympics, so I was in Colorado Springs when Nicole went into labor.”

Michael also revealed the two are going into the experience with a positive attitude, “We kind of have the same attitude that we had for number one and hope for the best and everything going as smooth as possible and hoping for a healthy baby and learning how challenging it is. We really are now focused on making sure the baby is healthy and Nicole is happy and healthy.”

And what does his 1-year-old son Boomer think of all of this? Even though Boomer is a tiny tot himself, the swimmer said he defiantly understands that things are about to change, “It’s going to be a big awakening when we bring home a new sibling. I’m not worried though, he’s so good with kids naturally, so in terms of adding another to the mix, he’s going to be a great brother.”

Nicole and Michael announced they were expecting baby number two back in August. The pair posted the news on their social media platforms. Boomer, who has his very own Instagram, joined in the celebration, “So excited to see what Mama is having!!! Do I get to have a brother or a sister???”

Boomer, you will have to wait and see…

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