‘DWTS’ Star Kym Johnson Talks Staying Healthy While Preparing for Twins

The Couple From ‘Dancing With the Stars’ are Excited About Becoming Parents To Twins

Kym Johnson and Robert pose together during her pregnancy.
Photo Credit Instagram: Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec met and fell in love when she was his partner on Dancing With the Stars. These two hit it off right away and now they are expecting twins. They couldn’t be more excited about this new venture. E! Online shared all about Kym’s pregnancy and how they are preparing for having two babies in their home.

Robert has three children from a previous marriage, but this will be the first children for Kym Johnson. She shared that they are “surprised, happy, nervous—all at the same time!” Kym actually announced her pregnancy back in December by doing an Instagram post with the news. This is life changing for her.

A source revealed that Kym Johnson is really taking care of herself during her pregnancy. She is a dancer and knows how to focus on her health already. The source shared details with E! News.

“She has always maintained a very healthy lifestyle so she’s been continuing to do that during the pregnancy. She eats all organic and avoids processed foods. She’s eating lots of fruits/veggies and smoothies/juices. Overall, she is just very conscious of what she’s putting in her body, but also has let herself indulge in cravings which she hasn’t had a lot of.”

Pregnancy can be really hard and the source shared that Kym Johnson’s first few months were rough, but it has been a lot easier since then. Kym has been working hard, staying in the gym and keeping her body looking great.

Kym Johnson has been sharing updates on her blog The Body by Kym about recipes that she has been trying and ways to stay fit while carrying twins. Back in mid-January, she revealed that they would be getting to meet their babies in just a couple of months. Kym admits that she isn’t too hard on herself when she craves something unhealthy and has it to eat, but it is all about balance. She would try to do things like when she craved fries, go for sweet potato fries she made at home instead.

One thing that Kym has dealt with during pregnancy is getting sick if she doesn’t eat often, so she eats a lot more small meals throughout the day. She drinks hot water with lemon to make sure she stays hydrated all day long as well.

Kym Johnson’s entire life is about to change as she will have two young children at home, but luckily for her, she has Robert by her side to help her through it all. If you want to know the sex of their babies, Robert and Kym made the choice to keep this a secret, so nobody will find out until their little bundles of joy arrive.

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Fans can’t wait for Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec to announce that their twins have arrived!

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