Michael Phelps and Wife Nicole Introduce Beckett Richard

Micheal and Nicole Phelps Celebrate the birth of their third child Beckett Richard
Photo Credit Instagram Micheal Phelps

And then there were four in the Phelps household. Michael Phelps and wife Nicole introduced their newest arrival on Tuesday. The couple shared the news that Beckett Richard Phelps was born on Monday, February 12.

Beckett will join 21-month-old big brother Boomer.

Michael shared on his Instagram, a photo of his family. Nicole is pictured in her hospital bed while Boomer is in bed with his mama holding his new baby brother Beckett. Boomer looks like he just won a Gold Medal like his Dad!

“Magical moments yesterday….” Michael wrote beside the family photo. “Nicole and I would like to introduce Beckett Richard Phelps to the world! We had a healthy baby boy and a healthy mama. I truly do feel like the happiest man in the world. Being able to build our family to now 4 (6 with doggies) is so incredible.

And the 32-year-old new mama loves being the only girl in the bunch. Nicole shared a similar photo on her social media captioning the priceless moment, “Our family grew by 1 yesterday meet Beckett Richard Phelps. I’m surrounded by boys and I couldn’t be happier."

And Boomer went to his Instagram account to show off his new little brother to his followers. Yes, Boomer is so cool he has his very own Instagram account with over 700,000 followers. With some help from his pops Boomer is holding Beckett.

“I am officially a big bro!!!" Boomer exclaims. “All I wanna do is hold him! I can’t wait till I get to teach him so many cool things about the world!! #bigbro."

And just the day before Beckett arrived, the 32-year-old swimmer and his wife celebrated their impending arrival at a baby shark-themed baby shower. Nicole and Michael both thanked their guests for coming out and supporting their baby shark #2.

Nicole wrote, “We are so thankful for everyone who was able to be with us and everyone who was with us in spirit.” Alongside her text was a sweet picture of the expectant parents with Michael holding his wife’s bump.

Now the next question is, will Beckett Phelps get his own Instagram account?

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