Stormi Webster’s Weathertastic Name Inspired Kylie to…

Stormi Webster inspired Kylie Jenner's makeup collection
Photo Credit Instagram: Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner Reports her Daughter’s Namesake was her inspiration for her New Makeup Collection.

Kylie Jenner wasn’t just sitting back while she went rogue during her pregnancy. The lip kit queen was hard at work continuing building her makeup brand while also reinventing her cosmetic line for its next chapter. Kylie used her real life for the inspiration of the new collection and her little girl Stormi Webster was the eye of the storm behind it.

Jenner debuted the new collection that she named the Weather Collection sharing details of her newest work on an Instagram video.

Watch Kylie Jenner’s Weather Collection video below:

While pregnant with daughter Stormi, Kylie reveals she spent her entire pregnancy on this collection. She told her social media followers, “So before I open my newest collection I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit of the background. I worked on this pretty much my entire pregnancy. And right after we chose Stormi’s name, her name really inspired me.”

She went on to explain, “So I put a lot of time into this collection and I put a lot of detail into it, so I’ll do my best to show you guys all the fun details.”

The collection has a ‘Stormy weather’ theme. The makeup mogul named her lipstick colors Nightfall, Nova, and Cosmic and have lightning bolt imprints on the actual lipstick.

Along with witty lipstick names, the 20-year-old mama named her two new eye color palettes, Eye of the Storm and Calm Before the Storm. You can see the consistent theme and inspiration throughout the whole collection.

Jenner also updated her followers on Twitter on how baby Stormi was weathering life, “She’s good, She looks just like me when I was a baby,” she tweeted.

The new mom gushed how she can’t take her eyes off of her baby girl tweeting, “still staring at her all day.”

We’re certain Kylie will continue to be inspired by her daughter Stormi. We can’t wait to see what’s next in the forecast for Kylie.

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