Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s Son Beau Turns One

Beau McDermott celebrates his first Birthday 2018
Photo Credit Instagram: Tori Spelling

Beau McDermott turned one on Friday. The youngest of the McDermott-Spelling clan celebrated his special day after police were called to the home after a reported verbal dispute the day before.

The Tru Tori alum had spoken about the birth of her youngest referring to Beau as the second chance of her marriage to Dean. Last October she said in an interview, “Beau was, like, the rebirth of our relationship, we know how to do it differently now. For so many years, we kind of didn’t know how to find time for ourselves…Our time together is as important as our time with our children."

Despite the incident the day prior Tori, 44, and Dean, 51, both took to their social media platforms to celebrate their little guys special day.

Tori posted a video of her birthday boy. In the video, you hear Tori in the background asking, “Who’s one today?” Then you hear Dean chime in saying, “Happy Birthday, Tickles."

Click the picture below to watch the Beau McDermott video:

Tori captioned the video, “#BeauBeau1 Happy 1st Birthday! Did he just say Beau or Birthday? Ha ha…Daddy and I love YOU so much!!"

Dean also celebrated his little man posting a different video on his Instagram. “Time flys!!! This little dude is 1 today!!! Happy Birthday Beau Dean McDermott!! We love you!! #littlerockstar #firstbirthday."

In Dean’s video Beau is sitting in his high chair and you hear the Chopped Canada host singing the iconic Beatles “Birthday" song. Beau is enjoying the serenading from his father, giggling and smiling.

Click the picture below to watch the Beau McDermott video:

A source close to Tori says, “The last year has been really tough on Tori. She has a ton of pressure and stress, with the kids, work and her marriage."

The source added, “She internalizes a lot of her anxiety and she knows it’s not healthy for her. Of course, she’s going to get to a breaking point eventually. Tori and Dean have their ups and downs but they love each other and family is most important to both of them."

The couple also shares sons Liam, 10, and Finn, 5 as well as daughters Stella, 9, and Hattie, 6. With a full house, its bound to get overwhelming for any mother. We are happy to see the two were able to put their differences aside and were able to make Beau’s day special!

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