Lauren and Aaron Paul at the Oscars

Aaron Paul and Story Annabelle Paul
Photo Courtesy of Instagram: Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul and Wife Lauren Make First Public Appearance at an Oscar Afterparty Since Welcoming their Daughter

It was adult time for new parents Aaron Paul and his wife Lauren Sunday evening. The actor and his wife took a night off from diaper duty to attend one of Hollywood’s biggest parties, the Vanity Fair Oscar celebration.

The Breaking Bad alum and his partner welcomed their first child together, Story Annabelle Paul just a short month ago.

The couple kept it simple on the red carpet. Aaron looked crisp and cool in a classic tuxedo while Lauren looked chic and timeless in a black long sleeve gown with a plunging neckline. Lauren kept her accessories low key wearing her hair down and styled off her face while pairing her dress with a black simple heel and a black clutch.

The 31-year-old new mama posted an Instagram story on her way to the big bash writing, “Vanity Fair with my baby daddy. Ready to pump and dump.”

And becoming a first-time father to his little girl Story seems to come naturally to The Path actor. Aaron, 38, has shared his baby girl on his social media since her arrival. Most recent carrying Story who is in her car seat up a set of stairs. The moment was captured from behind and Aaron revealed writing, “Words can’t describe how in love I am with this whole parenting thing.”

Lauren has also posted some intimate moments since becoming a new mother. The new mama shared with her social media followers a father-daughter moment between Aaron and Story, Lauren gushed, “I have never loved you more than I do right now. We are so lucky to be your girls forever.” The snap is of Aaron cradling Story in her nursery.

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I always heard things like “you have never known a love like this,” or “it’s like your heart is living outside your chest,” from different parents while I was pregnant. It was hard for me to wrap my head around how deep that love could really be. Well, it’s all true. She is everything. My world. Sometimes I just stare at her and cry over how precious and pure she is. But let me also talk about some other real stuff here. This post labor chapter has been rough at times. Recovering from labor is no joke. I’m definitely on the mend in that department but…breastfeeding. Oh man. While it’s been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, I have developed Mastitis twice within 3 weeks. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s an infection from breastfeeding that creates severe flu-like symptoms. Yesterday I was fighting a fever that almost hit 104. It was the sickest I have ever felt. The pain and aches were unbelievable. For the mammas who have been there, I know you feel me. What I keep coming back to is the fact that I feel like all these very common issues that can come up immediately after having a baby are not really talked about and being here now, I’m feeling a responsibility to share this so that any new mamma-to-be reading this is aware of these potential issues. If I could give an upcoming mother any advice for this chapter it would be to become well educated about breastfeeding. Take a class, do your research or have conversations with other mothers. There are so many things that can happen…an oversupply of milk leading to infection, your baby having trouble latching, having an undersupply… being aware of this will be so helpful so that you will know how to avoid or handle these things. So with that, I wanna give a big virtual hug to all the mammas out there who have had any type of issue breastfeeding or are dealing with anything physically or emotionally difficult, be it with you or your child. You are not alone. And because it’s been on my mind, to all the single parents out there raising babies and children, you are an actual superhero. You are THE superhero. Never forget that. 💛

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Lauren has also used social media as a method to shed light on some not so talked about topics after giving birth. She wrote in a very honest Instagram post about her struggle with breastfeeding after developing mastitis twice.

The breast infection that is caused by breastfeeding comes with severe flu-like symptoms. Lauren wrote, “Yesterday I was fighting a fever that almost hit 104. It was the sickest I have ever felt. The pain and aches were unbelievable. For the mamas who have been there, I know you feel me.”

Despite the postpartum struggles Lauren did write her little Story is “She is everything. My world.”

Sounds like the new parents needed a much deserved night out from parental duty!

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