Carly Waddell Bass Shares Her Birth Story on New Podcast

Carly and Evan Found Love On ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and Now Have Their First Daughter

Carly is speaking out about her birth story.
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Carly Waddell and Evan Bass got their happy ending on Bachelor in Paradise. The two had a rough start, but Evan was able to win her over and now the couple recently had their first daughter. Carly went to her Podcast, which can be found on iTunes, to share all about her birth story, and Evan even went to Twitter bragging about how everyone should listen. 

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Nothing is better than this.

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She shared that her daughter was born at 6 lbs. 8 oz. Carly and Evan named their daughter Isabella Evelyn Bass. In the podcast, Carly admits that she hates it when people say she looks just like her daddy because of course, she came out of her. Carly even posted a picture of her daughter next to her baby picture and she felt like they look alike, but fans weren’t buying it and still told her that Bella looks like Evan.

Carly shared her entire birth story explaining that they had plans to be at the hospital to induce at 5:30 am. She slept in the guest room so she could get great sleep because Evan was watching television. Around 3:30 a.m., she started to have pain, but at first thought it was nothing. By 4:30, she went ahead and got up and then Carly’s water broke. This was all right before the alarm was supposed to go off to get induced.

Carly Waddell shared that the doctor and even told her they were really busy and might turn her away and have her come back later to get induced. Of course, this wasn’t what happened to her considering her water broke. She wasn’t even really having contractions at this point, so they went ahead and used meds to start those. Evan told her to go ahead and get her epidural. She didn’t get it until she was already at 4 cm. 

Her friend came in and hung out with them for a while and around noon Carly thought she was feeling pressure, so she decided to take a nap. It turned out she was already at 9 cm and about ready to start pushing. It sounds like Carly Waddell’s labor went pretty fast. She shared that they told her she was the “second best pusher” she has ever seen. 

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It’s finally time to share with you guys my (AND Bella’s) BIRTH STORY on the Babes & Babies Podcast, with my sister in law @elizabethwad as a special guest! Bringing Bella into the world was the best day of my life, and one I will NEVER forget. I knew she was going to be a lot like me when she broke my water an hour before we were headed to the hospital to induce! She’s got a mind of her own, and already loves to do things her way 😂 (I also think she thinks she’s pretty funny for doing so). We had quite the day of tears, laughter, MAJOR embarrassment, and love that I can’t wait for y’all to hear about! I hold nothing back….cuz why would I? It’s WAY more fun to be TMIing you guys 🤣 click the link in my bio to listen! Or search Babes & Babies podcast on ITunes, Spotify, or Stitcher! And don’t forget to subscribe and rate us! @jadelizroper @esandoz

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She shared that the doctor told her that he really needed her to push and it was because the doctor actually saw the cord around the babies’ neck. They had a scary moment where they pulled her out and she didn’t cry right away, but they were able to get her going pretty fast. She did have to get two stitches from the doctor reaching in to get her. Carly Waddell is very lucky that Bella was just fine. After she was born, Evan got to weigh her and then Carly held her for about 45 minutes where she shared that they locked eyes and her little girl was very calm and just quit crying. 

Fans love that Carly and Evan have found their happy ending. Hopefully, this couple does a great job of keeping their fans updated on their new little girl Bella. 

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