Danielle Busby Gives A Quint Update, Talks The Differences In Her Five Girls

Adam and Danielle Busby are parents of quints.
Photo Credit: Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle and Adam Busby of Outdaughtered have a set of quints. Keeping track of which one is which can’t be easy, but all of their girls don’t look alike and have different personalities. Danielle recently went to their blog It’s A Buzz World to explain how they tell their girls apart and also give an update on the quints. Fans are hopeful for a new season of Outdaughtered on TLC very soon.

First off, Danielle explained that she has been very busy, which is why she hasn’t posted recently. The quints are two-years-old and their older daughter Blayke is almost seven-years-old. She shared saying, “Blayke loves to read, loves anything art related and also loves science! She is always on a mission to stay constantly doing something. She continuously wants to learn and know more… I love this about her. Kinda reminds me of me when I was young.”

Danielle went on to explain how all of the quints have their own little personalities and are different. She revealed that Ava loves to laugh, but also really enjoys saying the word “No.” According to Danielle, she plays really well with Hazel, but also on her own. She revealed that she is the one who is difficult at bedtime.

She called Olivia the “class clown” and Hazel Grace a “free spirit.” These girls all have adorable curls, but it turns out that Olivia has the most. She also loves to wear her sister Blayke’s shoes around the house. Olivia and Riley are the two that argue with each other the most. With so many different personalities, you know that these kids are going to have a few differences now and then.

Riley is the one that you can’t really tell “no,” because she will figure out a way to do it anyway. She even said that Riley can’t tell Ava and Olivia apart. It turns out that Parker is still a big daddy’s girl, which Adam has to love. She also loves to wear dresses all the time and play with dolls.

When it comes to Hazel, Danielle Busby says she likes to do her own thing. She described her well.

“She doesn’t care about what everyone else is doing…she wants to be independent and do her own thing. She LOVES to read, do puzzles, and sing! She speaks very clear and great sentences. This girl does not go to sleep without singing herself to sleep, it is so cute. She will start on one song but mix in like three others.”

Another thing that Danielle did was give an update on Hazel’s eyes. The fans have watched her on the show have to deal with this issue that the other girls don’t have problems with at all. It does give her a bit of alone time with mom and dad, which is a bonus. Danielle shared that her eyes have been doing great since the last surgery she had, which was a year and a half ago.

Right now, TLC hasn’t shared when Outdaughtered will be back for another season, but the fans are hopeful that it will be back soon. TLC normally waits until it is almost time for the new season to air before they share that the show is coming back again.

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