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Angela Braniff Talks about Her Blended Family

Blogger Angela Braniff talks about her blended family
Photo Credit Instagram: Thisgatherednest

Blogger Angela Braniff Talks About her “Blended Family” and Welcoming her Twins Via Embryo Adoption

Angela Braniff spoke to People about her blended family that initially was created with her two biological children Shelby, 9 and Kennedy, 11.

Later she and husband Christopher, 34, went ahead and decided to expand their family via adoption and brought home sons Jonah, 4, and Noah, 6, and daughter Rosie, 6.

Last summer the couple welcomed twin daughters Amelia and Ivy, who were born to Angela in a more untraditional way via embryos the couple adopted from a fertility center.

Angela writes about her families antics on her the blog The Gathered Nest and admits, “We’re always tired."

The 33-year-old blogger and her husband decided on exploring other options for expanding their family after Angela suffered hyperemesis gravidarum in both of her pregnancies. The same extreme nausea Kate Middleton has suffered from her three pregnancies.

Adoption seemed like the natural choice so the couple went ahead and adopted Noah from Congo in 2012. Then in 2013 adopted Jonah from Florida. The mama revealed the decision on adopting so close together, “I didn’t want Noah to be the only black child in our family."

Next came what Angela and her husband looked at as met to be, their adoptive girl Rosie from China who has Down Syndrome. Rosie and Angela share the same birthday and Angela just knew she belonged in their family saying, “I just knew she was our daughter."

Christopher and Angela attempted to conceive for two years before turning next to embryo adoption, the process entails unused embryos following the in vitro procedure are donated to others.

“Passing on my genes has never been something that mattered to me, so we looked into embryo adoption. We had no idea we’d get twins!!."

And how people view her family doesn’t matter to Angela, “To the outside world our family may look different, but to our kids, we’re totally normal. I think that’s pretty cool.”

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