Jenny Mollen’s Son Sid is ‘In a Hitting Phase’

Jenny Mollen on Sid and Lazlo and how they are in the hitting phase
Photo Credit Instagram: Jason Biggs

Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs Discuss the Challenging “Hitting Phase” of their Two Sons

Oh, the joys of parenthood. Jason Biggs, 39 and wife Jenny Mollen, 38, are in the trenches with their son Lazlo. Their little man is testing the waters with his parents and seeing how far he can take things.

The couple spoke to People Now about their sons 5-month old Lazlo and 4-year-old Sid and revealed they have entered a hitting phase with their eldest.

Mollen admitted, “Sid’s also in a hitting phase. So we’ll say to him, ‘Sid, do this again, we’re taking this toy away,’ and he doesn’t even think, he’s just like, (makes a slapping motion).”

Biggs chimes in and explains, “Let’s say we took away a Rescue Bot that he’s been playing with nonstop. We’re like, ‘Sid we need to stop the hitting and there’s gonna be a consequence if you continue to hit.’ “We’re gonna take this Rescue Bot away, we’re gonna put it away, you’re not going to play with him.’”

But Sid usually outsmarts his parents in this charade. Jason goes on to reveal what happens next, “He’ll look right at us, disappear for like 3 minutes and we’ll be like, ‘What is that little s- doing?'” Biggs jokes. “He’ll come back with, like, four other Rescue Bots and just start playing with them in front of you… not saying a word, just like, ‘Huh?’ “

When Jenny Mollen was asked by her hubby what she misses most since having kids she responded, “Laying around and doing nothing.”

And Jason admitted when asked what the sexiest thing his wife could do, his response, “Take the kids and leave for a couple of hours,” he joked.

The ultra hilarious duo often posts their parenting mishaps on their social media accounts. Mollen recently posted a pic of herself holding her youngest son Lazlo while getting spoon fed from her nanny. She hilariously captioned the photo, “Are you comfortable spoon feeding me? Is a question you want to ask at every job interview.”

Always a pleasure to hear from this funny family, they remind us to not take ourselves too seriously.


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