America Ferrera – ‘I Had to Slow Down’

America Ferrera is taking it easy during her pregnancy
Photo Credit: Instagram of America Ferrera

Read Why Actress America Ferrera Said ‘I Had to Slow Down’ Since Becoming Pregnant

America Ferrera was in the midst of training for her third triathlon when the Ugly Betty actress found out she was expecting. The 33-year-old expectant mama admits, “I had to slow down a little bit.”

Ferrera proudly finished her last triathlon in 2017 at the 3:49:48 mark. So how does the actress keep herself fit not only physically but mentally during her pregnancy?

America has traded in the grueling training schedule she had become accustomed to and now takes long walks and practices prenatal yoga. “I have a lot of friends who are pregnant right now, which is really lucky for me because we take really long, slow pregnant lady walks,” the Superstore actress told Us. “We’ll just hike a little mountain and we’re done.”

And the soon to be new mama plans on taking some time off of work when her baby arrives and focus on motherhood.

Ferrera is also enjoying the change of pace revealing, “It’s been really good for me. I’m somebody who likes to do a lot, sometimes to my own detriment, and this has forced me to slow down in a really healthy, good way and really be kinder to myself…and let this be a time when my body is doing something completely new and unique and letting it just do that.”

America announced back on New Year’s Eve that she and her hubby Ryan Piers Williams, 36, were expecting their first child. The two who tied the knot in 2011 have kept the sex of their baby and the due date hush. But the actress is happy to share how her husband is tending to her during her pregnancy. “He’s been wonderful. He’s cooking for me. He made me blueberry pancakes for breakfast two days in a row!”

Ferrera also has her sisterhood tribe to lean on for all the pregnancy questions and mothering advice she needs. Her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-stars are all mothers themselves and are on deck to give America all the answers to her questions.

“They are a go-to for me, just one message away and I ask them a million questions. Everything from trying to wrap my mind around the actual birth to talking about what their experiences were and what to prepare for. I’m so lucky that I have so many amazing women around me. Having their support has been everything.”

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