Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd of ‘Big Brother’ Make Big Gender Reveal For Baby No. 2

Jeff and Jordan from Instagram
Image Credit: Jeff Schroeder Instagram

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd met and fell in love on Big Brother. These two took a while to get married, but it turns out that they now have their second baby on the way. They were already planning a wedding when Jordan got pregnant with their first son, they just went ahead and tied the knot. Us Weekly shared the details about Jeff and Jordan’s big gender reveal.

Jeff and Jordan did the big reveal on Daily Blast Live. They are expecting another boy! The couple already has one son Lawson, who will be two in October. The co-host on this YouTube series got the chance to guess if it was a boy or a girl. They did it by picking an egg that was either blue or pink based on what they thought the sex of the baby would be.

If they got the right egg, then it was hard-boiled, but if they got the wrong egg, then it was a raw egg. They took the eggs and hit themselves on the body to see if it would crack or not. Everyone with a pink egg of course cracked and the blue eggs didn’t, which means they are expecting a boy! Jordan had a blue egg and Jeff had a pink one. So of course, Jeff should have ended up getting covered in the raw egg. Instead, he kept his egg in his hand and didn’t hit himself with the egg, so he stayed clean. It was obvious that he must have already known it was going to be a boy before the reveal.

Jordan is 19 weeks into her pregnancy. She recently shared an update that said, “#19weekspregnant & I already feel like a cow. I feel like this baby is going to be big!! This week I have had so much pressure on my lower stomach, some sharp pains (I had them with Lawson because everything is stretching), my lower back hurts, & my boobs are so sore (1st trimester they didn’t even hurt)!! My jeans do not fit anymore & now I need to find some maternity pants.” She is about halfway there.

For now, fans can’t wait to meet their new little boy. It will be interesting to see if Jeff and Jordan decide to have more children and keep trying for a girl or if they stop at their two little boys.

Are you happy to hear that Jordan and Jeff are having another little boy? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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