Kate Middleton, Prince William Have One Parenting Tip That Really Works

Kate Middleton with a smile on her face.
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Everyone loves watching the way that Kate Middleton and Prince William take care of their children. Of course, you never see them doing anything wrong when it comes to parenting. The world is watching their every single move. Today shared all about how Kate Middleton and Prince William obviously have one parenting skill that is working for them. 

They are able to take their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis out in public all of the time. If you pay close attention, they do this one trick all the time, which is getting down and being at eye level with their children. You will see them bend down or even crouch down on the ground next to their child.

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Dr. Debi Gilboa, a parenting expert is speaking out to Today about why this works so well for the royal couple. You never see their children throwing a fit when they are talking to them at eye level. 

“Eye contact is remarkably powerful and effective. Our kids have a pattern of knowing when they see our face they have our attention. And the opposite is true as well. It is respectful to talk to a child about any discomfort they are having or give them correction without everyone hearing.”

These three children are constantly in the public eye, but when their parents get down to them on their level it is like there is nobody else around paying attention to them. Everyone wants to see their children and they are taking them out constantly. The fact that they have found this one way to talk to their children and not cause a scene is perfect and very fitting for the royal couple. Of course, there may be a time when their children throw a fit, but they are just human like everyone else. 

Dr. Debi Gilboa also said, “If you are really watching your child, sometimes you can head off the tantrum before it happens. I don’t mean by bribing them; I mean by paying attention to their cues.” The fact that Kate Middleton and Prince William pay such close attention to what is going on may be part of the reason that you never see their children throwing a tantrum. 

It sounds like we can all take this parenting tip from Kate Middleton and Prince William. You never know it might end up working with our own children seeing how well it works for them. 

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