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First Official Pictures are Released of Prince Louis: Take a Look

Two new photos were released by Kensington Palace of Prince Louis, and it looks like he has an admirer already, his sister Princess Charlotte.

The Palace released two pictures of Prince Louis, the first of just the little Prince himself at three days old. Both snapshots were taken by the Duchess, 36, herself. Photography has become a hobby for Kate and she is quite good at it. The Prince is dressed in all white onesie with a matching knit jumper. He is resting against a white pillow looking off to the side.

In the second picture, Princess Charlotte is holding her baby brother while he is fast asleep. The picture was captured on Charlotte’s third birthday and the new big sister looks like she is enamored by Louis. Holding him like her very own doll the Princess is gently giving Louis a kiss on the forehead.

Charlotte is wearing an embroidered navy sweater while her hair is pulled back in a pony and pinned in the front to keep her hair off her face.

This is the first real glimpse we have been able to get of the newborn Prince. It looks like Louis is darker than his big brother George, 4, at this stage, an indication the infant is taking after his mum’s coloring. But with darker hair, Louis also has blue eyes like his big sis Charlotte, an indication that fifth in line is a perfect combo of both William, 35, and Kate.

It was a pleasant surprise for the world to finally get an official picture of Louis and an updated picture of Charlotte since turning three. In past tradition, the Royal Couple has released a picture of their children on their birthdays but for Charlotte’s big day this year, the Palace recycled a previous picture from her first day of school back in January.

According to a family friend Louis is a good sleeper but Kate is still getting up every three to four hours for feedings. “George and Charlotte are thrilled to have a new baby. It has been a very exciting time for them all. Charlotte particularly adores Louis, to her he is like a real-life doll. She is often by the Moses basket looking down and making sure he is ok. She’s very sweet with him and so is George.”

A statement was also released on behalf of the Royal Couple accompanying the new photographs, “Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank members of the public for all the kind messages they have received following the birth of Prince Louis, and for Princess Charlotte’s third birthday."

Now with three muses for Kate to photograph hopefully, this is the beginning of more snapshots to come.

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