Jade Roper Tolbert Talks About Losing 30 Lbs. After Having Her Daughter

Jade Roper poses in a swimsuit.
Photo Credit; Jade Roper Instagram

Jade Roper Tolbert looks amazing now, but she wasn’t comfortable with her body after the birth of her daughter EmeyPeople is sharing that Jade is speaking out about how she lost 30 lbs. after having her daughter and even admits to having stretch marks just like most moms do after being pregnant.

Now Jade Roper is admitting that she finally feels like herself again. She used Nutrisystem to help her lose the 30 lbs. that she gained while pregnant with Emerson Avery. Jade Roper Tolbert wasn’t hard on herself though. She actually took it easy for about the first four months and just enjoyed being a mom before starting to push to lose the weight. Jade admits that after four months she realized it was time to start losing the weight.

Everyone knows that Jade even used to model and so after having her baby it was hard on her to look different. She said, “I wasn’t feeling too hot. I always had a really tiny waist and I lost it during pregnancy. It’s been emotional for me.” A lot of moms can relate to feeling the same way after having a baby.

She shared a story about how her husband Tanner Tolbert was planning to take her to dinner for their anniversary, but she wasn’t feeling sexy, so instead, she put on sweatpants and they went to the movies together. Jade then ended up using Nutrisystem. Tanner had actually started using it a few months before her. It took her just six weeks to lose 10 lbs. Now she is back to what she weighed before she got pregnant and Tanner even lost 21 lbs. along with her.

Jade recently posted a swimsuit picture on her Instagram and shared that she almost didn’t, but went through with it. Here is what she had to say.

“Almost didn’t post this cuz of the stretch marks on my hips (from pregnancy), but then I was like wait, that’s silly, we are cute AF. 💗 (edit: linked suit in my stories! 😘) ***Also, to those leaving eye roll emojis and telling me I’m what’s wrong with body image issues— telling me my stretch marks aren’t good enough for you for me to be self conscious about them is what is wrong with body image issues. 👏Women👏supporting👏Women.”


Jade and Tanner Tolbert actually announced not long ago that they are trying for their second child. The fans can’t wait to hear pregnancy news from the couple once again. 

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