Jade Roper Tolbert Gets Honest About How Mom Life Isn’t Always Glamorous

Jade Roper Tolbert from her Instagram
Photo Credit: Jade Roper Tolbert Instagram

Jade Roper Tolbert of Bachelor in Paradise has an adorable 9-month old little girl with her husband Tanner Tolbert. Romper shared that Jade just got really honest about the fact that being a mommy isn’t always glamorous. Sometimes we look at celebrities social networks and it looks like everything is always perfect for them, but that isn’t the case at all. They just don’t always show their followers the pictures that don’t come out as perfect.

Jade shared the picture below letting everyone in on a secret about how her life isn’t perfect. Yes, Jade still has to hold her baby on the toilet sometimes just like the rest of us. She shared that this is the type of pictures that she sends to her husband Tanner during the day.

Being a mom can be great, but sometimes it also means throw up on your shirt and having to hold the baby at times that aren’t the best. Most of the time Jade posts pictures with her daughter Emerson Avery and her husband Tanner Tolbert. She also likes to share a lot of pictures with her friend Carly Waddell and her little girl. Jade Roper Tolbert always looks great and it may give people the impression that her life is always perfect, but she wants to make sure fans know that isn’t the case at all.

As you can see above, Jade Roper Tolbert also posted a picture showing that being a work at home mom is great, but not always what it is cracked up to be. She is doing her podcast, but it wasn’t super easy seeing that she is holding her daughter in an awkward position while trying to do her job. Lucky for Jade, the fans don’t seem to mind hearing a baby now and then on her podcast.

The kind of picture that she posted makes all moms feel a bit better. They know that every mom has to deal with things not being perfect all the time. Maybe this will push Jade and other moms to post a few more honest pics like this one. The fans love seeing the reality of their lives.

Jade and Tanner Tolbert fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise. A new season will be coming this summer to ABC and hopefully, more love stories and babies come out of this season. This show brought us great couples like Jade and Tanner and of course, Evan and Carly.

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