Alicia Silverstone Isn’t Clueless About Motherhood After Divorce Filing

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Alicia Silverstone has a lot to be proud of. The actress attended the premiere of her new show Amercian Woman in West Hollywood, California on May 31st. Silverstone opened up about her proudest accomplishment, and it’s not her work. Alicia spoke of her son Bear Blu, 7 in an interview from the red carpet

“The whole idea is that you love and attach to them so much so that they’re free to be and leave. It’s heartbreaking, but you have to. My kid’s so fiercely independent because he is right here all the time. He’s so great," The Clueless actress gushed about her little man.

The 41-year-old mom would be considered an overprotective mother. Once admitting she used to pre-chew Bear’s food before he ate. But when asked if she thinks of herself as a ‘helicopter mom,’ the actress replied, “I think I’m really just a mommy. It’s hard to know if you’re doing something wrong."

There has been a lot of transition recently for Alicia and her family. The actress who is married to Chris Jarecki split in February 2018. The couple married in 2005 and welcomed their son Bear in 2011. Earlier this month Silverstone filed for divorce from her estranged husband. But despite their split, the two are trying to put their differences aside and lovingly co-parent their son.

And the mama’s new role as Bonnie Nolan hits close to home for the actress. Her character is going through a divorce while struggling to balance her career and raising her children. Alicia opened up about her character Bonnie and how she prepared to play the role.

“I’m always bringing all of myself to every single part that I play because obviously, that’s what I love to do. I read the script and loved the story and thought it was great. I just fell in love with the role, I thought, ‘What an incredible role for an actress to do, to get to be so many different things and to get to be so strong and so vulnerable.’ She goes through so much and she’s just fighting for her life."

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