Tamera Mowry-Housley Shares Some Noteworthy Baby Tales

Tamera Mowry can attest to some of the not so glamorous sides of parenthood. The Real co-host recently shared with Us Weekly a couple of her mom war stories.

“I’ve been peed on and pooped on," she recalls. “There’s this thing called spray poo. Both of my kids did it to me. They got me. You take off the diaper and it’s like ‘Poosh!"

Mowry, 39, is a mother of two that she shares with husband Adam Housley. The actress has a laundry list of dirty tales thanks to her kids Aden, 5, and Ariah, 2.

“There was one time I was holding my son . . . I had just nursed him and he spit up," she recalled. “It went right in my mouth."

Along with stories she can share with her soon-to-be mom friends Mowry also reveals her go-to baby gift she hands out to her friend circle. It may not be shiny and glitzy but swears it’s the most useful gift a new mother can receive.

“People always forget about the diaper pail," Tamera states. “Just get a simple one. They will love it. I love mine."

The Real co-host attended the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom premiere on June 12th and brought along with her a very special date, her son Aden. Mowry was nervous about bringing her little guy to watch a PG-13 movie. She told reporters on the red carpet that her “gut" told her to leave Aden at home with her husband and daughter but couldn’t disappoint her dinosaur fanatic son.

“I did the mommy prep talk, ‘This is a movie, it’s fake, although it happened way, way back in the day. But Aden already understands that. “He knows more about dinosaurs than I do. It’s insane," she gushed. “He was just telling me that a T. Rex is a carnivore."

Mowry was optimistic that the screening would go well and her son wouldn’t get too frightened. “We’re going to try it out tonight," she explained. “If it goes well, cool. If it doesn’t, then I know what to do."

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